The Navigational

Unholy Knight

Ziron and Eldon woke up with a slight pain in their sides. Sleeping on the floor of a cave was not the most comfortable thing. Aegis had awoken before them and stared out into the mossy waters. He looked around to see his guests awake.

“Good morning,” he said with a warm smile.

“What will the world greet us today old friend?” Eldon said as he pulled himself up off the ground.

“Where are we supposed to be going again?” Ziron said confused.

“The village of Mitosis, it is said to be hidden amongst the fog of this mossy place. There is word an unholy knight resides there on its outskirts and their provisions are running dangerously low. I do not know why something of that magnitude is wondering about but it is very concerning. Especially since it is smart enough to know how to keep the village hostage. Usually they just wonder about aimlessly hunting for small animals to feed upon.

“Interesting?” Aegis said stroking his chin.

“I know, it is almost like someone has sent him to do the very thing he is doing,” Eldon said concern, like always, laced in his voice. Rubbing the pain eating away at his side.

“You do know you’re getting old right?” Aegis said suddenly.

“Oh shut your trap boy, there is yet so much to accomplish. My age has no warrant on the ability to protect others.

“I know, I can’t believe he is still foolish enough to keep up this good fight,” Ziron laughed.

“You going to replace me someday boy?” Eldon said with a smirk.

“Highly unlikely, I am far to mismanaged to achieve that!” Ziron laughed out loudly.

“Just keep in mind that people do not take kindly to those that are not human, you don’t show it of course but your word will get out and they won’t trust you. I know, I’ve lived this life!” Aegis said sadly.

“Tragically so I’m afraid,” Eldon said with faint anger in his voice.

“We I suppose we should be off,” Aegis said with a quick gather of his things.

“I suppose we must,” Ziron complained as they headed out of the cave back into the wet abyss.

The depths seemed much more uninviting as they climbed through the murky waters and waded through the mist that had suddenly begin to clamber. Aegis kept quite, but Ziron noticed Eldon liming about slightly. Something was not okay, this battle would be on him. Eldon was far too tired and sore to face off against this unholy knight or whatever he called it. Ziron felt something tugging at him, something was going wrong.

“Foolish human, listen to me. You’ve suppressed me long enough!” The voice cried out inside Ziron.

“What do you want?” Ziron appeased the demon.

“Your old friend their has been poisoned. You are a massive fool for not noticing it!” Sapphire yelled.

“What are you talking about how?” Ziron asked telepathically.

“You too have been poisoned I can’t believe you didn’t notice,” Sapphire said disappointment laced in his voice.

“Why though? Is Aegis okay?”

“I believe the Vidus inside him burns up poison. I repel it. However Eldon is only human, he doesn’t have that luxury. I just don’t know how we were poisoned?

“We did fight a death rider think he had anything to do with it?”

“I doubt it, it doesn’t leak poison like some other creatures do.”

“You aren’t seriously considered Aegis did this are you?”

The silence was the only answer Ziron needed.

“HELLO DEMON!” A voice suddenly pierced through our heads.

“What? How?” Sapphire coughed as he felt his power slipping.

“What is going on?” Ziron spoke when his body began to weaken.

“I think the poison is working? How!” Sapphire cried.

“I should have known better than to trust some stupid human to do this job, his poison was easily repelled by you. Foolish fool!” The outsider echoed.

“Who are you?” Ziron asked as the water in his shoes suddenly felt much heavier.

“I am the unholy knight. I am the master of the universe. I poisoned you spineless creatures. I will end you for meddling in my plans!” It screamed the pain filled Ziron’s head.

“Eldon,” Ziron whispered weakly, “what is this unholy knight?”

“Oh boy! You don’t sound too hot! They are creatures of darkness their head is nothing more than an eye, they stare into you and manipulate your thoughts. Quite ruthless beasts really. However, they usually are not tapped into that ability. They struggle to even walk let alone use their abilities to manipulate the thoughts of others. Weak dumb creatures in all honesty. At least usually!” Eldon clapped.

“This one is not so weak!

The Navigational

Death Rider Continued

Ziron stood up and encapsulated his body with a thick layer of light as a massive fox began to appear around him. He rushed towards the terrifying knight and clashed with its blade with vengeance. The crashing of claws and metal echoed through the mossy plains. Picking up the massive creature Ziron leapt into the air and tossed it into the moss laid depths.

Eldon struck the mare with extreme power he had somehow summoned. It was blasted back across the murky waters. It howled in discomfort as it stood up again. Eldon approached it carefully, his sword glowing with a bright white light. He aimed it at the beast and chanted quickly. Suddenly a blast of light pierced the creatures flesh. It screamed in agony as Eldon kept filling it with power.

The Death Rider looked around angrily, was he really just tossed by this mere tiny creature? Outraged it leapt into the air. Striking Ziron down with a screaming passion.

“You are all traitorous fools that need to be vaporized by my massive power!” It howled in frustration.

Ziron stood up instantly from the blow, somehow he was much more powerful than before. He would need to figure out why later! He leapt into the air once more and gathered the energy in his jaw. Aegis pulled himself up from the mossy prisons he had been trapped and turned to flames. Teleporting behind the massive Death Rider. Grabbing it with his gauntlets he laughed manically.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here? A subdued Death Rider? “What a pity, what would your kind think now that you are outclassed by the very thing you despise?” Aegis laughed.

“You disgusting creature get off of me! Traitorous swine must die!” It howled.

Suddenly a stream of light pierced the creatures head. It screamed in discomfort as Eldon aimed his sword at the creature. Walking slowly up to him he began to smile.

“Well, what an unfortunate turn of events?” Eldon smirked.

Ziron had finally gathered the energy and flew above the creature. Aiming true to the ground he blasted out white lightening into the creature. Black smoke consumed the swampy marsh they were familiar with. Collapsing to the ground, the light around Ziron dissipated. He looked around at the others. Aegis was shedding his armor and Eldon had sheathed his sword.

“Great job, thank you guys for your help!” Aegis said worried.

“What were you thinking?” Eldon said as he cuffed the mans ear.

“Hey old man, be nice to me, I was hired to kill what I thought was just a horseman! Turns out it was a Death Rider, my bad?” Aegis said stressfully brushing aside his brown hair.

“Well I’m glad we were here, that this is massively powerful!” Ziron said feeling the fatigue eating away at his body.

“I’m guessing we all need a good rest?” Eldon said noticing his sleepiness as well.

“There is a cave up here a few miles we can camp there, its safe, warm, and most of all dry!” Aegis said as he walked towards a mountain that had seemingly sprang from nowhere.

Trudging through the watery hell they finally reached the mountain line and pushed inside the thick pine trees. The smell of pine filled their nostrils as they pressed forward. The cave suddenly came into view as they all quickly went inside. Aegis summoned a free floating fire to warm them up.

“Well this is much better!” Aegis smiled.

“Let me dry you guys,” Ziron smiled as wind slipped inside and whisked away the moisture.

“Thank you Ziron, so sorry, we never really were properly introduced!” Eldon laughed.

“My name is Aegis I am a Navigational, south particularly!” Aegis smiled.

“I am Ziron, I am a Demon and of course your already know this old fool!” Ziron laughed. Eldon cuffed his ear in humor.

“So Aegis? What is going on where is your partner?” Eldon asked worry laced in his voice.

Aegis held his head low and looked up like a bad puppy.

“We got into a little bit of a disagreement, and decided it would be best for the both of us to separate for awhile. Sadly lost touch with him a bit ago. I still hope he is okay,” Aegis said looking around in embarrassment.

“Sorry to hear that old friend, I’m sure you will either find a new one or rekindle the old!” Eldon said as he furnished a flask from his robes.

“To old and new friendships!” They yelled.

The Navigational

Death Rider

Eldon and Ziron stumble upon a struggling Navigational and decides to team up to help them take down the most powerful creature known to the Navigational.

Aegis rose his blade in defense of the attacking creature but knew he stood no chance. How did this thing find him? The Death Rider was a vigilante, it hunted those that hunted other creatures. Basically the Navigational of the beasts side. Aegis was not supposed to be fighting this, he was told it was a horseman, a simple foe he could vanquish with ease. Was he set up? It howled in the distance as it spotted him.

“Hello, HUMAN!” It screamed in disgust as it slowly walked up to Aegis.

“Hello Huntsman,” Aegis said grasping his blade tightly wishing it would all be over.

“You dare challenge something of my caliber here? You foolish disgusting creature. Hunting us all to extinction! Is that your goal?? It snarled.

“Your creatures bring great destruction to our lives!” Aegis said struggling.

“Maybe this is the natural order of things? Perhaps you were meant to be brought to your knees before us? You humans are just weak creatures that need eradicating. We are the superiors, the elite race! You should bow before US!” It cried out as the clouds behind began to form fiery skulls as their gods looked upon the battle. The mare opened its jaw in a deafening howl as it snarled at Aegis.

“You keep saying I’m human?” Aegis said with a smirk.

Suddenly black smoke gathered around him as his body transformed. There before them stood a Vidus. Golden armor has formed around his body, flames pierced through the vents. His sword handle suddenly became a cylinder. Inside it a fire burning and an hourglass.

“You betrayed us! You disgusting disgrace! I can’t wait to end you!” The Death Rider screamed as he leapt from his steed.

“Welcome to your laying grounds!” Aegis said as he rose his blade.
Eldon and Ziron had stumbled through the swampy marsh wishing desperately for a fire. Everything was damn and the ground was just moss, with a foot of water over it.

“Why is it so wet here?” I cried in discomfort.

“This is the Swamp of Mastiff, a drenched land said to house a dragon of water deep beneath its many layers of moss. It is a terrible place to camp,” Eldon laughed.

“Stupid all of this is stupid,” I whined.

“Pathetic,” Sapphire whispered inside my mind.

Wind suddenly rushed around me in waves as the water was whisked away from my clothing and the ground. Each step was no longer water but damp moss. Much more easily traversed.

“You can do an awful lot of interesting things Ziron,” Eldon said pleasantly as he too was now freed from the damn waters.

“Wish I knew what I could and couldn’t do,” I said anxiously.

“Maybe you need to start using your brain a little more?” Eldon said, seriously.

“What are you talking about old man!”

“Think Ziron, boy, you are WIND! Wind can do so much more that blow the leaves of trees. Friction to lightning. Water to air. Flames to smoke. You don’t realize what you can do, because you don’t take the time to think about what you can do!”

“Thanks for your words of wisdom, oh great master,” I said sarcastically.

“Don’t mean to interrupt your misery, but do you hear that?” Sapphire said concerned.

I listened carefully trying to get in tune with his hearing. Blades were clashing in the distance.

“How many Navigational are there?”

“Four of us one for each compass point. Serj, Aegis, Callum, and I, why?”

“What is the likelihood of running into another one of them?”

“Slim to none, we barely travel in the same direction.

Eldon furnished a compass from his coat. He looked around feverishly as he located himself.

“If it was to be anyone, it would be Aegis. This is technically his mapping points.”

“I think Aegis is in danger.”

Eldon looked at me with worry in his eyes.
Aegis was blasted backwards from the strike of the Death Rider’s blade. It laughed manically as it rushed forward. His stead followed, prepared to rip him to shreds as well. Aegis blasted out fire, this deterred the stead but the Death Rider still came for him. Walking through the fire like it was nothing.

“You think flames can stop me?” It laughed.

“I was hoping it would slow you down,” Aegis said sincerely.

He stood tall with his sword but knew he would just be thrown back again. He needed to think of some sort of strategy to get himself out of this situation. He suddenly knew of a trick he had learned. He crafted fire beside him and a clone appeared beside him. It rushed the Death Rider. Their swords clashed in the falling sunlight as Aegis sat down and began chanting. Fire and obsidian gathered around him forming a cocoon. The clone was immediately destroyed turning back into fire as Aegis chanted faster. Suddenly obsidian gathered around his body forming a new armor.

“Well guess I have no choice,” Aegis grunted.

The Death Rider took a step back as a monstrosity appeared before him. Much taller and larger then the pathetic human he was facing before. It was cased in Obsidian Armor, it’s blade was also Obsidian now.

“Finally, a challenge!” The Death Rider cackled as it came at him. It’s stead now beneath it. It’s stead picked up Aegis and tossed him aside. A loud thunderous crash echoed the field.
Eldon and Ziron started towards the loud crash they heard in haste.

“That’s not possible? Aegis is a Vidus, a warrior crafted of fire. A Vidus is clothed in golden armor that expels fire. It can manipulate flames to form physical things. It is gifted with the power of Nordic Runes etched inside the armor. It has powers unimaginable from the perspective of normal warriors. It is hard to destroy! I could not imagine the creature he would be challenging that would cause him issues!”

“Well I think you better rack your brain, something has to be doing this? Wait you told me about Death Riders? They are the only thing you truly fear?”

“Glad to hear you’re paying attention boy. Yes they are just like us extreme hunters. Would one really be out here?”

“I don’t think Aegis would really be willing to gamble that possibility on rarity. We need to get there now!”

“Yes boy lets go with haste!”

Ziron summoned light around his body and grabbed Eldon by the armpits and blasted in the direction of chaos.
Aegis stumbled back up, holding open the mouth of the creature trying to devour him. Its drool oozed out of him covering Aegis in slime. The obsidian was starting to dissolve from it’s acidic spit. The Death Rider pointed its sword at Aegis and laughed.

“It’s over filth! You cannot defend teeth and blade!”

Suddenly the Death Rider was blasted from his mare by a blue blur. Ziron stood beside him blue light exploding around his body as he looked at the terrifying monster he had attacked.

“Two against one is unfair,” I said with a frown.

“What the hell is this?” The Death Rider said flabbergasted.

“My name is Ziron, a daemon Navigational!” I said triumphantly.

“A daemon!” It growled, “more disgusting traitors?”

The Navigational


The great Eldon and Ziron find themselves in a hectic battle where an unlikely ally will spell the difference of success or failure…

The massive creature stood looming over us, looking down with its blood red eyes with thirst for destruction. Eldon looked in fear at the creature they had stumbled upon. The field was wet with the dew of the impending sun. Ziron had gritted his teeth at the great creature before them. “What do we know about these fucking things,” I said, fear lacing my voice.

“They are called Man Beasts, it is said a human can succumb to so much darkness that they manifest into these great massive beasts. They kill their pray by skewering them with their massive claws and then sinking their tusks into them as a tenderizer. Then they rip the unfortunate to shreds as they devour their flesh, blood, and bone. It brings them great joy. They hunt alone, in matter of fact if they were to ever stumble upon another of their species they will try to devour them as well. It is quite a site to see!” Eldon said confidently.

“This is no time to be fucking happy old man! This is scary as all hell!” I cried.

“Ready boy?” Eldon said drawing his blade.

“No,” I said as light built around my body.

“Ziron, let me handle this. Just slip into sleep and I’ll massacre this creature!” Sapphire laughed violently.

“No, I control you!” I said through gritted teeth.

“Your funeral,” Sapphire said defeated.

Eldon and Ziron rushed the ginormous creature and Eldon struck with his blade as hard as his decrepit body would allow. It screeched in pain as it flicked him away like a bother. I leapt into the air and came rushing down on him. Summoning the claws provided by Sapphire trying to pierce it’s hide. I ripped it open as black blood oozed out. I suddenly felt faint as the light diminished around me and I crashed to the ground.

“Oh, forgot to mention, their blood is poisonous,” Eldon said struggling to stand up.

“What the hell! How the fuck can I kill this thing if I can’t make it bleed!” I cried out.

“Very strategically,” Eldon said with a smile.

“This is ridiculous why the fuck do you hunt these things!” I cried out.

“I protect lives boy, I always have, always will until death greets me!”

“You might get your wish with this thing!”

“Fine, let me help!” Sapphire grunted, finally realizing he was not going to get control easily.

Light formed around my head creating a barrier from the poison. I leapt into the air and blasted towards the creature with the propulsion of wind to strike him like a missile. He stumbled back a ways as he screamed out and lashed at me. Blasting me into the soil, at least three feet down. Pain immediately entered my body as the light around me couldn’t take the entire blow.

Eldon stood up and once again ran at it. Striking wildly as he flailed. Runes were glowing this time and I saw a protective layer of mist around his body. Now he was being smart about things. The field filled with thick fog as Eldon continued his onslaught. However, it wasn’t as successful as they had hoped. The creature lifted Eldon up and brought him to his face starting at him and screaming bloody murder. Eldon looked confident. Was this a scheme?

He suddenly blasted his mist at the creatures eyes until it dropped him on the ground clawing for vision. It stomped back and forth on the field as it prepared another attack. I crawled out of the dirt and needed to think of something.

I blasted towards the creature and blasted demonic fire into its face. It howled in misery as it crumbled to the ground. I made my claws longer as I rushed down like a drill. Spinning with the wind to drill into this things hide. It immediately leapt up, almost a hundred feet in the air as it crashed down on top of me. I felt the darkness begging to absorb me. I fought for consciousness as it clawed at me. My light was fading. There wasn’t going to be anything to protect me anymore.

The creature was blasted back in a flaming fury as it crashed into the mountains thousands of feet behind us! Kato appeared in his full demon form and rushed at the creature at a speed I could barely recognize. I struggled to stand up as unconsciousness begged for me.

“Yes! That is how you do things. Come on, the darkness just seems so comforting doesn’t it Ziron? Just let it have you. Five minutes, you will feel SO much better if you sleep!” Sapphire said in a hushed, almost, melodic tone.

I was really struggling now, with Sapphire soothing me like this; a nap sounded completely amazing. I knew I couldn’t give up though. I struggled through the murky vision I had of the field. Regaining the focus of the demon that rescued me. Someday, I’ll be like that. I’ll have Sapphire obeying me! That pushed me through as I hushed Sapphire. Locking him away into the recesses of my mind. I summoned his power forcefully as I blasted towards the monstrosity.

I lashed out in a fury of quick strikes as it screamed for mercy. It was flailing on the ground as two demons horridly tore it to pieces. It screamed and screamed until Kato looked over at me.

“Lets end this!” Kato said, “Lesson two! Demon Attacks!”

Katos form turned back to himself with just a layer of light. Fire gathered into his body as a bow and arrow was formed. The arrow was ten feed long and spurred with obsidian. I decided to try to copy him. The wind built around me as it began to hit each other and create lightening! Suddenly I felt a ball of power in my mouth as I leapt higher into the air.

“Blue Lighting!” I cried.

Lightening blasted out of my mouth as it struck the foe. Spazzing and flailing as the electricity coursed through its body. It’s eyes melted and oozed out of its head. It was yelping now like a hurt dog. It tried to grab the earth trying to calm itself. No avail.

“Fusillade Arrow!” Kato cried as the arrow was immediately in the foe.

I never saw it leave his bow it was so fast. It struck through his body tearing flesh, bone, and muscle to shreds as it entered. Suddenly it exploded in the foes heart. One last little squeal of begging slipped before it turned into black smoke and evaporated into the air.

The Navigational


When Eldon and Ziron are challenged with the feat of a beast known as the Slaver, they uncover more than they bargained…”

Eldon walked through the deep woods with me trailing behind him. I looked around anxiously at the darkness that seemed to seep into this forest. “What are we looking for?” I asked desperately.

“The Slaver, a being from lore that takes people hostage and uses them as slaves for their bidding” Eldon said as he pulled out his sword.

Excalibur was a gorgeous blade engraved with the Nordic Runes. It was hefty and sparkled in the light. Eldon quickly tapped a couple runes and suddenly each one lit up letting us see the woods we had stumbled upon.

“Finally light,” I whispered.

“Ziron, don’t you want to see better?” A voice echoed in my mind, “I’ll lend you my power, you could use it!”

“Back off Sapphire, I don’t need you right now!” I cursed mentally.

“Oh please!” Sapphire begged.

Suddenly twigs snapped in both directions as men covered in soot appeared. Eldon had his sword aimed at him and looked them over carefully.

“What are you doing here?” Eldon asked in disbelief.

“Help us please something, something has our friends, it’s making us dig in the coal pockets, we’ve already lost three people to suffocation it’s so ruthless. I can’t!” He cried as he quickly lunged himself on Eldon’s sword!

We both stood in complete shock as one of them slid off the blade, dropping to the ground blood gushing out of him into the discarded pine needles below.

“That looks so nice!” The other man said as he ran for Eldon’s blade as well.

I quickly lit up my fingers and drew a rune in the sky as I blasted him back with a wave of air.

“Why are you killing yourselves?” I asked in complete shock.

“Anything is better then the terror we’ve felt, I want release, I don’t want to worry anymore! Please kill, it looks so peaceful!” He cried, genuinely interested in being murdered.

“Yes, kill him!” Sapphire laughed in my head.

“Stop it!” I ordered in anger.

“We will not be shedding anymore unnecessary blood!” Eldon said in frustration.

“It’s the slaver isn’t it?” I asked as the man continued to beg for death.

“Yes. A particularly powerful one this time, they never want to die as much as this guy does right now. We must be swift Ziron and end this, how many more have escaped just to seek the relief of death?” Eldon said through gritted teeth.

“Lets do this!” I said as I summoned my aura.

Light began to shimmer around my body as the world opened up, clear as day, wind fueling my power as I tried to seek the very creature that has caused this much harm. Suddenly I saw in the distance a figure of darkness. I rushed towards it!

“Yes thank god release me! Let me slay something, let me KILLLLL!” Sapphire laughed as he overwhelmed me with power.

I struggled to contain him as I was blasting towards my adversary. I leapt at it and struck it with all my might, releasing as much power as I could in one single blow. To both kill him and control Sapphire.

It was not phased.

It looked at me (if I can say that with the cloak around its head) and screeched a god awful noise that immediately discharged me and my demonic abilities. Suddenly it struck me with a giant wooden beam as I was blasted off into the trees, knocking them all over as I flew. Eldon stood above me in complete shock as I panted in the leaves.

“What happened?” Eldon said with fear.

“It…was…not… cough… phased?” I cried. Blood oozed from my lips.

“How!” Eldon cried in complete terror, “they are never this strong never!”

Suddenly the creature was behind us. Its cloak blew in the wind as it looked at Eldon.

“You will be my slave!” It cried out, it felt as if it was hurting, dying! The most unsettling noise I’ve ever heard in my life.

Eldon stood in fear as he tried to think of a strategy to save us. It prepared to strike Eldon with the wooden beam it carried. He raised Excalibur in an attempt to block it. It was ineffective as Excalibur flew into the soil. Raising it up again it screeched again. I couldn’t focus, I needed to focus, I quickly drew another rune and screamed.

“Demon Fire!”

Waves of blue flame danced from my fingertips as I leapt into the air. The light immediately covering my body as I lashed out at the screaming creature. It’s body on fire as I swiftly kicked it into the woods below. I summoned a whip of wind and lashed it a thousand times. Control was no longer mine. It was Sapphire’s now.

It screamed as the blue flames ate at it’s cloak. It struggled and tried to flee as I just went madhouse on it. Striking it over and over again with a whip made of wind. I just couldn’t stop, it felt so good to cause this much pain. I kept lashing out until the light consumed me. I didn’t want control, not if it felt this good to be a god.

“Ziron!” Eldon cried.

Suddenly I felt like I was in a pool of water, slowly drowning, light peeking from above. That light was Eldon’s voice, I swiftly swam to it, fighting the massive current as I desperately tried to get air. I suddenly surfaced and realized what I was doing.

“Sapphire! STOP!” I cried as the light evaporated from me.

“How!” Sapphire cried as he was suppressed into my mind again.

“Thanks,” I panted, still feeling like I was drowning. The slaver lay in submission as it burned on the forest floor. Eldon stood up and quickly struck his sword through it’s chest. Suddenly it let out a scream of bloody murder as it dissipate into black smoke.

“How was that thing so powerful?” I asked, clutching my chest as pain filled my entire body. Sapphire was punishing me for taking control again.