Naruto Insurgence

Mahus Clan Revenge (Part 2)

The two men beside him quickly did hand signs as they locked eyes with each other.

“Yin Release, Two-Timing Combo!” They yelled together as chakra strings flew through the air connecting the two enemies. Suddenly their bodies became one giant monster.

“Yin Release, Speed of Light Jutsu!” The leader exclaimed as Chakra built around him suddenly he disappeared.

“Byakugan,” I cried as I strained for the last of my chakra, “Hyrano, the two soldiers combined themselves to this monstrous beast and their leader activated a Jutsu that makes him ridiculously fast, your Sharingan should be able to see him!”

Suddenly a pain pierced through my chest as my Byakugan sapped a bit of my Spirit Chakra I fell to the ground panting as it shut off. Hyrano had activated his Sharingan and watched as Amadeus approached the assailants.

“Yin Release, Phantom Light Symphony,” Amadeus whispered as invisible arrows of light gathered around his hands he ran up and punched the unsuspecting beast as his arrows of light pierced their flesh.

“Amadeus hit me,” they cried in harmony.

Suddenly Amadeus was stuck from the soil crashed into a tree as blood oozed out of his mouth, the leader appeared in a shimmer crashing his column onto him Amadeus was instantly out, unconscious in the soil struggling for the light. Hyrano leapt out of the forest and quickly did some hand signs.

“Water Style; Water Shuriken Jutsu!” Hyrano yelled as water formed behind him lashing out at their attackers.

“Water Nature,” the beast said as it struck them.

“I’ll take care of this guy,” the leader laughed as he disappeared and appeared behind Hyrano, his Sharingan just barely caught a glimpse of him as Hyrano looked over in fear at the cement coming at him. Water came around him and blocked the attack, it began to ripple corroding the cement quickly. The leader leapt back pulling the weapon from the waters grip.

“Jesus, no!” He cried out angrily.

Hyrano was shocked, he didn’t do that? He wasn’t this fast yet, his Sharingan was just barely unlocked and it didn’t pick things up as quickly as a veteran Uchia’s would, not to mention he was an Escalade, not an Uchia, he had no idea how he had this either! Where did the water come to protect him? He didn’t have time to understand it as the leader was already upon him again, the water balled around Hyrano blocking the attack but turning to vapor as it surrounded the cement.

“Nice try boy, I’ve made the Yin Chakra heat up, so your water can’t degrade it any further. Nothing but water vapor for you, now time to die!” He laughed as the cement was hovering over him.

Sikki leapt into the air, “Byakugan, Palm Rotation!”

The pain struck him as Spirit Chakra surrounded him defending the two from the attack. Sikki fell to the ground as blood dripped from his nose. He tried to stand up and stare at the attackers.

“Well, you look a bit in rough shape,” the leader said trying to stand up from the blast.

“Sikki, what’s going on?” Hyrano asked.

“Nothing, lets finish this guy,” Sikki panted.

Amadeus was conscious and pulled his pained arms to his chest and pulled off a hand sign, “Yin Release Chakra Transfer Jutsu!”

Suddenly Chakra entered Sikki’s body, the Byakugan turning on and everything coming clear again.

“Hyrano, ready!” Sikki said putting his hands together.

“Sharingan,” Hyrano said as he followed each of Sikki’s hand signs.

A blast of wind built behind them water sucked inside it as a typhoon appeared, Chakra Needles poked out of the typhoon as it exploded. Blasting needles of Chakra at the foes hitting them in each of their Chakra Points. The two people were separated and the Chakra dissipated from the leader’s body as they no longer had access to their Chakra.

“This is disappointing,” the leader said with a frown.

“Sorry sir, we don’t know what happened?” The two said dumbfounded.

“They posses Ocular Kekkai Genkai, it was foolish to approach them like this. Master Camarillo is going to be disappointed,” the leader said struggling to stand up.

Suddenly three Anbu-Black-Ops appeared in the forest behind the three heroes. They sat next to Amadeus looking over his wounds.

“You are under arrest for Treason,” the three Anbu-Black-Ops said in unison.

Chakra wrapped around their arms and hands as they were slowly paralyzed. They picked up the three ninjas and leapt towards the Hidden Leaf Village. Sikki and Hyrano picked up the mangled Amadeus and followed them.

“We need to find out more about this Camarillo, we are probably in great danger,” Amadeus said softly.

“Don’t worry about it Sensei, get some rest, we will meet up with Orion and figure something out,” Sikki said, “also, thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Amadeus said with a small smile.

The approached the hospital as two healing Ninja retrieved Amadeus and we followed them to one of the tents. Hokage Orion sat in a stool next to the bed helping them get Amadeus comfortable.

“The Anbus let me know the situation, what else have I missed?” He asked triumphantly.

“The Mahus Sir are rebelling against us. I fought one earlier who planned to poison us all with a Harpie,” Sikki said with a sigh.

“Amadeus told me a bit about the Harpies, but I thought they were sealed away, and they mentioned Camarillo, does that sound familiar to you?” Hyrano asked.

The color left the Hokage’s cheeks as he looked out the window, contemplating the amount of danger we were all in now.

“The Seven Sages of Sealing, locked away the Harpies we knew, but that doesn’t mean their aren’t others out there. Camarillo however, is one of the Seven Sages of Sealing. I’m concerned with his involvement of this, as they are ridiculously powerful Ninja, this could be simply a misunderstanding and he might be undercover, but I’m not certain of what is happening with this. I must speak to the council on this matter immediately. I’m sorry Amadeus, Hyrano, Sikki, this is now an D-Rank Mission, you can no longer be involved,” Orion said as he walked out the door.

Sikki and Hyrano sat down beside their Sensei, contemplating the information they had received.

“The was easily at least a C-Rank Mission,” Amadeus chuckled softly.

“You need some rest Sensei, what are we to do now? I feel like we need to help them!” Hyrano said angrily staring out the door.

“We need more information,” Sikki said trying to think of a plan.

“Stop it,” Amadeus coughed as he sat up, “this is a D-Rank Mission, you haven’t even been cleared for a C-Rank, let alone a D-Rank, back off.”

Hyrano and Sikki looked at their mangled Sensei with worry on their eyes. They looked at each other, a little plan forming between them.

“Sorry Sensei, get some rest,” they said to Amadeus.

“Well it’s not like I can stop you or anything,” Amadeus said slyly as he pulled a cigarette to his lips, “good night boys.”

Naruto Insurgence

Mahus Clan Revenge

I’ve never been any good with introductions… So I decided, why not throw our heroes in a perilous battle with unguessable odds? Sounds fun right? 

Suddenly Malik threw hand signs as I looked over at him. “Thousand Arms Jutsu!” He cried out, light came out in strings around his body forming into arms that rushed at me. 
This guy possessed Yin Release a very complicated Chakra Nature, usually best for healing but he was using it for attacking. I stepped back in awe as I realized, this mission was not going to be an easy one. 

“Byakugan” I cried out as my eyes turned white suddenly everything was clear and I could see his Chakra Arms coming at me, “Palm Rotation.” 

Chakra gathered around my body and blasted all around me deflecting the attack with ease. His face dropped in disappointment.

“So, you’re a Hyuga then?” He said with a frown. 

“Your guess is as good as mine, my name is actually Sikki Habaku, and I don’t know how I posses the Byakugan, however it spells doom for you and your wretched plans!” I said confidently. 

“No matter boy, I’ve been saving this trick for a little while now, but I guess you leave me no choice. This village must fall,” he said as he did hand signs at an unusually fast rate my Byakugan caught it all but unlike the Sharingan, I could not replicate it. However, unusually so I pieced together his Jutsu? Something the Byakugan could not do? He was doing a summoning Jutsu! 

“Yin Style, Summoning Jutsu: Wrath of Canahagura!” He yelled quickly cutting off his hand and dropping it to the floor. The blood pooled around a Summoner Star and light erupted from the ground. 

A Summoning Jutsu that requires a hand sacrifice! I was terrified, who was this Canahagura? Above me I was cast in shadows as a bird-like creature descended from the skies landing behind Malik. Light played from both their bodies as they stitched themselves together. He was absorbed by the creature he summoned! I felt very weak, like the air around me was poisoned. I quickly coughed into my hand, specks of blood emerged. 

“This is Canahagura, the Bird Demoness of Yin, her very presence poisons those around her, reverting your Chakra to a quick acting poison. You will not be alive long child. We will succeed in our mission, once I wipe the floor with you, the poison will spread like wildfire through the village. Wiping out your precious Shinobi!” He laughed manically. 

The creature rushed me, blades of light exploded from her wings as she sliced through me. Tossed to the ground blood pooled around my chest. Suddenly everything felt heavier, the poison was faster now. I crumpled to the ground blood oozing from my mouth. I looked as my Byakugan turned off, my chakra was no longer available. Nothing but poison reside inside me now. 
Amadeus quickly leapt through the trees, Hyrano scaling behind him. 

“What is the deal Sensei? Why does this clan want to hurt us?” Hyrano asked. 

“It was all a startling discovery, the Mahus were practicing the complicated art of Yin Release, a Chakra Nature reserved for healing, and turning it into a weapon. We could not fathom why they would want to do that, as that is exactly what Yang Release is, they are designed to be balanced. They came to me, for answers. Since I posses the Yin Chakra and have molded it into a formidable weapon over time, however. It’s not wielding it as a weapon that was an issue, with enough practice any Chakra Nature is a weapon. They wanted it to be basically a biological weapon. Turning it’s positives into a negative.” Amadeus said.

“What did the Hokage think?” Hyrano asked. 

“At first Hokage Orion was on board for this, despite his peaceful nature, as it would give us a heads up if this was to be used covertly in the future to harm us. But they had been way more involved then we thought! Worshipping a race of creatures known as Harpies.”


Their story is dark. When they were partnered with the old villages as an asset, they healed their wounded. They were never appreciated though, being treated as nothing more than healing deities to harvest as they pleased. They wanted to push the boundaries of their abilities bringing back remains of foes to revive and torture at will for information. However, their is a law you must never forget. Equivalent Exchange. You cannot have something without giving something of equal value in exchange. Chakra is not a forever flowing river, and the Harpies knew this. So they ruthlessly thought up a plan. Slowly they began to poison those that came to them for healing. Until the population dwindled without cause. A fellow Ninja stumbled across tapestries of their plans and quickly warned the Hokage who hired the Seven Sealers to seal the Harpies away. Causing bitter resentment from those who worshipped them.”

“Wow, I had no idea, they should definitely tell more about this is school. I wonder if Sikki is doing okay? We haven’t heard from him and I’m quite worried. He’s very efficient.” Hyrano said a flicker of despair in his eyes. 

“It would probably be a good idea to check on his status,” Amadeus said with a slight frown. 
Sikki was on the ground panting beneath the creature that sprung above him. The poison was quickly coursing through his body and it left him weak as the villain spilled off his plan.

“Poison is an interesting thing. It takes a lot of studying to know you’ve been poisoned, especially if it is in low doses. You are a mess, and would give it away quick but that’s because you’re so close to Canahagura those in the village just through these woods shall feel this soon. I also forgot to mention, only the But don’t worry, it will be over soon. It’s been a pleasure fighting you Sikki, I wish you were more powerful though. Pity that.” Malik said with a smile as he and the abomination began to part ways. 

“Bummer,” I cried as unconsciousness begged for me.

 A light began to caress my body, the black poison oozing out of my pores. I stood up carefully wiping the blood from my lips. I smirked as I looked up into the clouds and saw rays of light raining down on me. I looked over at my assailant who was suddenly stark with shock. 

“What is happening? What are you!” He asked in fear. 

“I don’t know but I feel so much better now,” I smiled. 

Quickly I bit my thumb and struck the ground as the chakra regenerated inside me. 

“Air Summoning Jutsu. Haleigh, Wyvern of the Wind, I call you forth!” I announced. 

The ground exploded in light as a whirlwind appeared before me, suddenly a massive bird struck through its wings outstretched as it began to cycle the air around us into the vacuum of its beak. Absorbing the poison in the air into its body for purification. 

“Byakugan, Air Palm Jutsu!” I said as wind gathered around my fingers I rushed him and started poking each of his Chakra Points disrupting his flow of Chakra the cry of the Canahagaru echoed in the wind as Malik’s body was blasted from the creature to the ground. It turned into vapor as Haleigh sucked it into its body. It’s white feathers glinted with black as the poison was being filtered through its body. It screeched loudly as it struggled to contain the poison. 

“Air Transfer Jutsu!” I yelled as I siphoned my Chakra into the creature, suddenly it’s feathers began to glow as the black dissipated from its tips. I sat exhausted on the ground as it waddled over to me, laying it’s head in my lap. I caressed it softly as I thanked it for saving us all. It evaporated into the wind. 

“What happened?” Malik cried, his Chakra was gathered inside him, but his network would not allow him access to it. I was surprised to see he had anything left, that summoning must have taken a lot out of him with how much he was panting. 

“So you’re the one behind all this,” I heard a soft voice from behind. 

“Malik, one of the Mahus clan,” I said weak from battle. 

“Jesus Sikki, couldn’t you wait five more minutes?” Hyrano chuckled, disappointed that he couldn’t partake in the battle.

“Sorry Hyrano old pal, I couldn’t let this one get away. He was planing on poisoning us all. I’m not sure if he is the only one that can summon those creatures but we need to let Orion know, like hours ago,” I said with a frown. 

“Good job Sikki, it’s not often a Chunin takes on a level six ninja like that, how the hell did you win?” Amadeus said pulling a cigarette to his lip and lighting it. 

“I don’t know honestly Sensei, all of a sudden light rainied on me detoxing my body of the poison I was inflicted,” I said confused. 

“Light?” Amadeus said, his cigarette handing loosely from his lips as worry pained him. 

“Yeah, don’t know but it saved my ass. You should have been here sooner, I almost died!” I cried out.

“Sorry man, we really tried to make it here sooner.” Hyrano said disappointed. 

“Well, we need to let Hokage know right away, can you travel with us Sikki?” Amadeus said with a little grin. 

“Yeah, I’m not completely broken you know!” I laughed as I struggled to stand up. That battle had drained me completely I wouldn’t be much use in a battle right now, it’s in Hyrano’s hands now if we were to be attacked. 
Hokage Orion stood in his office looking out the window, over the leaf village and all it’s glory, not a care in the world. Not even realizing their entire village was almost assassinated by the Mahus. Two Anbu Black-Ops came to him. Worry painted on his face. 

“Their is a disturbance in the forest Hokage, Amadeus and his team is on their way with a briefing of what had conspired. I’m afraid we are in grave danger, per usual!” The Anbu said disappointed. 

“Oh fear not my fellow Anbu, I will relay my orders to you as soon as I am brought to speed on the events that had exploded in the forest. Thank you for letting me know. 
Amadeus and his team leapt through the woods at upmost speed trying desperately to reach the gates of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. 

“Substitution Jutsu now!” Amadeus yelled. 

Hyrano and I quickly did the hand signs as two Kunai filled the air. Hitting nothing but logs as Amadeus landed on the forest floor. 

“Yin Release, Phantom Walker,” Amadeus said as he surrounded himself in shimmering light, making him practically invisible to their attackers. 

“Damn it, he knew we were here, what is he a fucking Sage?” A man said coming out of the bushes with a grimace. 

“This is Amadeus Mozart we are talking about, we were foolish to think we could surprise him, he’s probably listening right now you fools!” A man said as he stepped from the shadows his eye was gashed with cuts, his nose mangled from battle, and his hair untidy as he held in his arm a large concrete column. 

“Prepare for battle you fools,” the man said as he held up his column to fight. 


The Truth-Finally

“You have failed me Alexander, do you know what that means?” the man said menacingly.

“No please, they’re dead, it was a slight blip in my plans!” Alexander (aka “The Enforcer”) whimpered.

“But Caspian, he was the big deal, and it took you two tries to stop him? How upsetting,” he smirked.

Electricity flowed from the man’s body electrocuting Alexander. He floundered and choked as pain filled his body. Tears welled up in his eyes, as for the second time in his life, he felt pain.

“Please Zeus, they’re gone. I did it. Please stop hurting me,” he begged.

“You heard the man,” a voice rang behind Zeus.

“Dr. Grimhold, I knew I would run into you soon enough!” Zeus smirked as he turned around, lighting flying from his hands. A person absorbed the lightning, bursting into flames and turning into dust. Suddenly water rained down on him, sparking electricity from his body, directing it in wild directions.

“How could you, you clever disgrace!” Zeus cried.

“Not so strong without your little dog huh?” the man smiled.

A slim man stepped from behind him, he seemed to be of Haitian descent. He sported a pair of gold glasses and wore a tailored suit. He fixed his sleeves as a clone of the man stepped beside him.

“Capture the Enforcer, his powers have been shut off, and take Mr. Zeus in for questioning, he’s meddled with too much. Did you find Heather?” Dr. Grimhold asked, as he produced a pair of specialized handcuffs, “These have a sedative inside that will prevent them from accessing their abilities.”

“Yes sir,” one of the clones said as they apprehended the sparking man. The other clone managed to grab the one weeping on the wall. They both were carried to a van parked in the alley.

“We have Heather,” one said tapping an earpiece.

“Excellent, bring her here we need her,” Dr. Grimhold said as he inspected the bodies.

Heather and one of the clones stepped out of the alley. Heather looked terrified at the mass grave in front of her. One of the clones brought them chairs and he motioned for her to sit down.

“Good afternoon Heather, my name is Dr. Kasey Grimhold, I specialize in people with abilities. I have summoned you here, with the help of my friend, Abacus, and his many clones. However, I am not one who will simply demand a favor without returning one, quid pro quo, sort of say,” he smiled.

“You want me to go through all this pain to heal these three people? Why do I have this stupid power?” she sputtered in anger.

“You see it all began as a government experiment, I bet that pretty much explains it. Twenty-six individuals were chosen coded with initials that all equal one letter. For example, you are Heather Hayes Harper, HHH, you have the ability to heal, you were given this power when you were a child, you never knew why you couldn’t get hurt but you were so young, you thought it was normal. Until you grew up. Then you questioned it, and now you live in fear. That’s what I’m offering today, I have with me a serum that would suppress your fear gland in your brain, you won’t live in fear and you will forget the awful things that had happened to you before. Would you be interested? A few mintues of your time, and no more fear?” Kasey smiled, producing a small box with a needle inside.

“I hate living in fear every day, but this is ridiculous. So I am a genetic experiment?” Heather said, feeling like she’s known this all along.

“I would say, please take your time to think about it, but these people here, they don’t have the luxury and Trevor and I, um, he’s a Time Traveler, have lost touch, so it’s all you. I apologize for the horrific things that have been done to you, but me, I’m on your side. I want to get to the bottom of this. Figure out what corporation has done this. I will find them. I will destroy them, from the inside out.” Kasey said.

“You need these three to help with that?” she asked intrigued.


“Okay, I will do it. Please figure this out for me. I hate, being different.”

“Don’t ever hate who you are.”

He prepared the needle. She put out her arm and he gently injected it into her.

“This takes time to work, so this is where I leave you, but my card, in case you have questions.” Kasey smiled as he slipped a card in her pocket and walked to his van.

“Thank you,” she said, tears of joy whelming inside her.

Heather walked up to the mangled bodies and took a deep breath. She placed her arms on Quinn, who laid silently on the concrete. She felt pain through her spine, life force leaving her body. His eyes slowly opened, but they were instantly closed. Davis was the most gruesome. Bars through his chest. She needed help with him. She walked up to Caspian, the man she has saved once before. She looked at his exposed bone and blood. A smoking cigarette by him. She found herself attracted to him, like she needed to care for him. After saving her life, she had grown attached, even after his sharp words. She picked his hand up and poured herself into him. Her flesh felt like it was being seared by the sun. She felt the anger inside him. She decided, she would fix this too. What kind of man would he be after this? Suddenly his eyes snapped opened and flames played around his hands as he prepared to defend himself.

“Caspian, it’s me, it’s me!” she cried in fear.

“Heather? Have I been killed again?” Caspian said calmly.

“Yes, and I need your help with the man hanging from the wall!” she asked.

“Where is the Enforcer?” Caspian asked, ignoring her.

“He was taken by Dr. Grimhold, I don’t know where, he sent me here to save you,” Heather explained.

“Oh, okay, I will pursue the answers to that next, first off Davis!” Caspian said snapping his fingers melting the bars that help him up.

Heather walked over to him and touched him, her chest aching and her life force diminishing. His eyes opened as hers closed.

“I’m glad to see everyone awake.” Quinn smirked, dusting himself off.


The Showdown

Caspian came from behind the brick, with a grimace on his face. He looked thoroughly pissed.

“So killing your own kind is a specialty of yours?” Caspian said through gritted teeth.

“I killed you?” the man said flabbergasted.

“Didn’t take,” Caspian laughed as he whipped out his hand and snapped his fingers.

Flames came at him in a stream of blue liquid, exploding on contact with the man. However, he was left unscathed.

“That’s a pity, I will not be crucifying you this time. Your death will be in cold blood. Please my father I beg for your forgiveness as what I’m about to do is frowned upon. If I cannot be forgiven I will sacrifice my soul to you as payment.” the man said, suddenly his eyes began to glow.

Telekinetic energy blasted out of his body crumpling all the brick around them, Caspian barely managed to soften that blow with his flames as he was tossed into the bricks, a couple bones snapping on impact. He crumpled to his knees panting. Suddenly their hand was on his throat and picking him up.

“I killed you so you would be cleansed. I crucified you so you may ask forgiveness from my father, you failed to follow those simples’ requests, and now I must kill you. You will not be given a fair trial, you will not be judged, you will be sent to hell. I will not be the Enforcer this time,” The main said as he hung his head in shame. Tears flowing from his eyes. He tossed his cross in disgust at what he was about to do.

Suddenly Quinn leapt onto his feet and swiftly kicked the Enforcer into the bricks across from the crippled Caspian.

“Forgive me father for I have sinned,” Quinn chuckled as he walked up to the surprised man with bloodlust in his eyes.

Quinn picked him up by the throat and punched several arteries on the man’s body before dropping him to the pavement. The Enforcer gagged as the first time in his life, he tasted blood.

“You managed to hurt me?” The Enforcer pleaded with shock.

“Of course I did, I’m Hyperkinetic, and I know everything about you before you do!” Quinn smiled, “and I know just where to punch you for maximum effect.”

“This will not do, I cannot have this, and I have a mission to save your retched souls. Why do you not want to be saved? Why do you want to rot in hell? Why do you want to be under Satan’s rule?” The Enforcer said angrily, “you need to be saved!”

Suddenly telekinetic energy oozed from the Enforcer and he lifted up Quinn and snapped his body in half. Quinn’s scream was all that could be heard from the whooshing of his power. He dropped to the ground jerking in pain as the Enforcer approached him. He wiped his lip for the blood and drew an A on his forehead.

“You will be saved,” the Enforcer said as he silently prayed.


Caspian tried to stand up but his body was mangled from the brick wall and he didn’t know what to do, Quinn was just snapped in half. He couldn’t win this fight, he needed to get away, and what about that other guy? Looking over Caspian noticed that he wasn’t laying there, he is going to try and fight him. It’s suicide. Caspian bit through the pain.

“Don’t do it man, he’s too strong!” Caspian cried out.

Davis appeared behind the Enforcer and struck him as hard as he could. But nothing happened it was absorbed by telekinetic energy.

“You’re next,” the Enforcer laughed.

He blasted Davis into the brick walls and summoned two pipes and sent them through his chest. A gasp was all that could be heard before death claimed him. Caspian pulled out a cigarette and lit it. He took a pull in and struggled to stand up. He smirked at the Enforcer who noticed him moving.

“Why do you get up? You know you can’t fight the holy light,” the Enforcer said as he walked up to Caspian.

“I figured this may be my last breath, again, why not enjoy my last cigarette? Surly you know about the last meal?” Caspian gasped as he leaned against the brick.

“You don’t deserve such luxuries. You’re a monstrosity and need to be put down!” the Enforcer said angrily.

“Well who said you’re why I’m dying?” Caspian laughed as he closed his eyes.

He took a final drag on his cigarette and began to snap his fingers quietly building up momentum. Snapping faster flames played around his body in a swirling vortex. Suddenly a cyclone of fire was separating them. The Enforcer summoned his telekinetic energy and prepared to defend himself. The glow of eyes could be seen through the fire.

“Dante’s Inferno!” Caspian yelled as he released his fire.

A tornado of flaming disaster destroying everything in its wake, including burning up Caspian. The Enforcer tried to block it with his telekinesis but it only softened the blow. The Enforcer stood in shock as his robes were partially melted. His body burned slightly from the fire. The Enforcer looked at the ghastly view that surrounded him. Davis hung on the wall blood oozing from his wounds. Quinn had finally stopped floundering as he laid silently on the pavement, Caspian was seemingly standing still, a massacre of burned flesh and partially exposed bone.

“All I wanted to do was save you from what you’ve become,” the Enforcer pleaded as he dropped to his knees, “why wouldn’t you let me save you?”

“Maybe we weren’t looking to be saved,” a voice rang out beside him.

The Enforcer looked, with pure fear in his eyes, to see Quinn, somehow standing again. Panting as his body struggled to keep up with him.

“How are you standing?” the Enforcer gasped, truly terrified.

“There is a lot you don’t understand,” Quinn said.

A flurry of kicks came at the Enforcer slamming him into the bricks two nails were tossed at him, aimed at his head. Quinn picked up a couple bricks and tossed those too, nailing the Enforcer. He attempted to protect himself to realize, his telekinesis wasn’t working.

“What did you do?” the Enforcer shuttered.

“Simple. I’ve studied anatomy, and my studies told me there was a slim chance your telekinesis was fueled by two places in your brain. I took the risk of death to shut you down. You’re too strong and we can’t have someone like you running about. I’m sorry Mr. Enforcer, but today is your day of reckoning. I will bring you to whatever god you believe in, where you can atone for your sins. With one cut of this knife, all your blood will spill to the pavement. I will lie next to you as my body can’t fight forever. I will not be dying alone tonight,” Quinn said as he pulled a knife from his pocket. Snapping it open.

“This can’t happen, you can’t do this! I have so many more lives to save! Please don’t!” he begged.

“You haven’t saved anyone. In reality you had just become a cold blooded killer. You say you’re trying to save souls, but really you’re taking them when they are, to your standards, cursed. You are actually sending those souls to hell. If you so believe in such a place.” Quinn said walking up to him.

“No, me crucifying them should save them!” the Enforcer spoke, questioning his actions.

“That’s not how this works, I’m sorry,” Quinn said his head hung low.

Quinn placed the blade at his throat and prepared to take his life. Something he has never done before. He wasn’t sure if he had it in him. Capturing people is different. They are alive. They are just brought to their handler, they do the dirty work, if necessary, and he’s just the collector. Quinn began to tear up. Swiftly he needed to get it over with.

A crack of electricity coursed through Quinn’s body. Spasms struck him as he shuttered on the pavement. His knife tossed aside and his eyes rolling in and out of consciousness.

“I don’t know how you managed to do this to my assassin but I will not tolerate it,” a deep voice boomed.

Quinn tried to look at him, tried to get a look, but his body was already so weak from the battle. He knew unconsciousness was not far away. He fought it but his body gave in. He heard their footsteps approaching him. Wondering what he would do to him now?

“You have let me down Alexander, you must be punished…”





The Broken Parents

Image Prompt: How Did This Couple Get to This Point?


They say love can conquer all. However, I feel like that may be true but some losses love takes its toll. Who would have know that something this horrific could happen. It wasn’t supposed to be this way, of course. It was a simple mission. Our voices needed to be heard. People with abilities like us were shunned terribly. We were so sick of the oppression. We needed to take down the infamous organization, CRI. They paid other people with abilities to kill off their own race. It was sticking. Although Alchemy wasn’t well known, it’s power was overwhelming for so many. I was a master of Alchemy, and I used it sparingly but effectively. My beautiful wife possessed the ability of persuasion. We just needed to get to “Zeus” and convince him all would be well if he crumbled his organization. Who would have known the casualties we would face. They had employed a new person with abilities. Turns out to be their number one. He is only know as the Enforcer and he possessed Telekinesis. What maddening power. No one stood a chance l, he blasted us all back with his terrible power. If it wasn’t for him we both would be dead. A time traveler of all things. We hated him though. Because of all the ones to save. The one he didn’t save was our son. No abilities. Just following in his parents footsteps. An unnecessary life taken. He didn’t even give me the pleasure to spite his name. Now we lay teary eyes on the commercial bus. Loathing in sadness.

My dear Benjamin, I’m sorry. I’ve been a terrible father. It’s only a matter of time before we come to see you. We’re going to end what we began and we’re going to do it for you…


Davis vs Quinn

The alleyway had led to a dead end. Davis was struggling to deal with his luck. If they found him, he’s done for. But with his ability he wasn’t too worried. No one can match his Hyperdreanal. Suddenly from the roof a figure emerged. Leaping from balcony to balcony without a skip. There before him landed a young man in his late teens. Black hair spiked up and a serious frown on his face.

“Hello Davis,” the man said calmly.
“Who are you what do you want?” Davis said through gritted teeth. Behind him were two men with guns. He was boxed in.
“I’ve got this, report back to Derek,” the man said to the two men behind him.
They both put their guns away and started to leave.
“You’re with them?” Davis huffed angrily.
“Yes, we need to put you down. Derek’s orders,” the man smiled.
“Well good luck with that, so many have tried. So many have failed,” Davis said as he closed his eyes focusing his energy to the flight or fight response. You can guess which one he went with.
Suddenly Davis lunged at his attacker with superior force. The man blocked it without a thought, deflecting his fist beside him. Davis came in for a low kick but the man leapt not once focusing on where his attacks were coming from. Davis steeped back and prepared his signature move, a punch with all his force. The man dodged his fist with extreme accuracy.
“You’re one of us,” Davis said as he calmed his body.
“No, I am not like you. I am something entirely different. They call me Quinn, I too have an ability. I’ve already deciphered yours.”
Suddenly Davis was punched tossing him back. Three more strikes came hitting him all in pressure points crippling him to his knees.
“Fuck,” Davis swore, “I guess speed is necessary here.”
Focusing his thoughts he enticed the flight response. In a furry of punches and kicks he came at Quinn. Quinn blocked everyone of them and pulled Davis arm back, snapping it and dropping him to his knees.
“Ow what the fucking shit is going on,” Davis cried in agony.
Quinn came at him doing two swift kicks to his kidney as blood poured from Davis’s mouth. He spurted in pain.
“What do you want more? Your other arm or both your legs,” Quinn smiled.
“I said I’d never do this but I have no choice, time to kick it in overdrive,” Davis fell back on the pavement and closed his eyes. He enticed both of his responses at the same time. Suddenly in a flip Davis pummeled Quinn. Punching him in blind rage at speeds he barely could block. He managed to soften every blow before a kick in his stomach through his system off. Quinn buckled in pain as he fell to the ground blood oozing from his mouth and his eyes rolling to the back of his head. Davis crumpled to his knees clutching his chest as he entered cardiac arrest. His eyes jumped and rolled like crazy as his body fought to survive. Suddenly Davis was out.
The two men laid on the ground panting slowly as unconsciousness claimed them. The crunching of footsteps could be heard softly through the pressure in their ear as someone prayed.
Now I lay me down to sleep.
I pray the lord my soul to keep
If I die before I wake
I pray the lord my soul to take

Suddenly flames burst behind them and a scream could be heard.

“I fucking found you now you little shit….”
To be continued…


Heather Harper

She stumbled on the pavement as she tried to escape from her attacker. The night at the bar had not gone well at all, and now her ex was after her. She managed to get a good distance away but quickly realized she was cornered.

“God damn it,” she hissed as blood oozed from her scuffed knees as she looked at the trucks that blocked the exit, “shipping will be the death of me.”

She looked around for someplace to hide as his footsteps bounced off the brick.

“Come here sweetie pie, I only want to talk,” he slurred in his drunken state. He was getting closer now.

She looked around when suddenly she was stricken with a ghastly view. There on the bricks was a man hanging, bars through his hands and feet. The letter “A” bloody on his forehead. On the pavement below were the etched words “forgive me father; for I have sinned”.  She held back tears and a sick gurgling begging to come up. She suddenly saw the attacker only thirty feet from her.

“I don’t have a choice please save me,” she cried, tears running down her face.

She ran up to the dead body on the brick walls and quickly touched him in the chest. Suddenly she felt faint as her life force drained from her body. She felt the pain of bars in her hands and feet and her neck stung with a vengeance. She cried out in pain as it coursed through her body unbearably so. Suddenly the man’s eyes opened wide in terror. He snapped his fingers and flames melted the bars. He fell to the ground, thinker style. The holes in his hands melted together and he stood up; bloodlust in his eyes.

“I’m so fucking pissed,” he screamed as he looked for a way out.

“Hey man, that’s my girl over there don’t touch her she’s mine!” the attacker hiccupped now feet away from them.

He looked over to the girl and saw tears running down her face.

“Please save me,” she begged.

“Good, an outlet,” the bloody man smiled as he snapped his fingers repeatedly.

Every snap caused more flames to devour the man’s body, over and over again. His agonizing screams echoing off the bricks. Melting flesh and bone until nothing was left except a small pile of ash. He was not satisfied he needed to get away before her hurt her next. His venomous anger festering inside him. He struggled a cigarette from his coat shaking uncontrollably as he pulled in out covered in blood. Putting one to his lips he snapped softly lighting it and falling backwards onto the brick. Exhaling a cloud of grey smoke, as the nicotine worked its magic.

“I’m sorry you had to see that,” he frowned pulling it from his lips.

“Thank you,” she sputtered as she fell to the ground panting desperately.

“So what the hell happened?” he asked suddenly realizing what had happened.

“I’m Heather, I heal people I guess,” Heather said quietly, “I found you here crucified on the bricks. I needed your help.”

“Someone like me, that’s reassuring. My name is Caspian. I burn things,” Caspian snickered.

“How can we do these things?” Heather said looking down.

“I don’t know but what I need to know is how you found me, every little detail,” Caspian said forcefully.

“Oh,” she gasped frightfully, “you were here pinned to the bricks with bars through your hands and feet. Below you were the words forgive me father; for I have sinned. And your forehead.”

Caspian touched his forehead and felt something sticky, he pulled it away to see blood on his fingertips.

“It’s an A,” Heather squeaked.

“Someone murdered me?” Caspian cried out as he bit hard on his cigarette.


“This is an outrage. Thank you for saving me but I’ve got some work to do. Get home lady, and stay there. Get a gun or something. Don’t be stupid. These streets are nothing but evil.”

Suddenly he was gone around the corner, huffing in anger mumbling to himself as Heather picked herself off the ground. Brushing away dirt and fighting back tears. He’s right. I should have something. I’m pathetic.


Heather rushed through the alleys looking every direction for someone else to make her feel venerable. She found the door to the bathroom. She wanted to clean up before she went back to the club next door to meet her friends. She stood for what seemed like ages looking at her bruised ego in the mirror. It was stupid what she did, thinking about what he’s done to her and then thinking he would change. Especially when he’s drunk. Never flirt with a drunk ex, ever. When she felt she was decent enough she slipped outside into the club. Desperately hoping she could find her friends and get out of here.