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Outcast 2

The ringing of the alarm could be heard in the morning sunlight. Ethan rolled himself out of bed and ran to the closet to get dressed. Looking over at the bed, Nicole had already snuck back to her bedroom. Ethan quickly ran downstairs to the smell of eggs, bacon, and toast. Everyone was gathered around the table shuffling food into their mouths. The Foster dad had already gone to work, but the mother, Christina was finishing the dishes. Her long black hair and “hip” clothing added youth to her. She had always wanted to be a foster parent since she was young and after her husband scored a huge ranch house, her dreams became reality.

“So it’s Friday today, and I know you guys are all off on your own little adventures so each one, one at a time please, will inform me of your plans and I’ll update our calendars,” Christina said as she opened her MacBook Pro.

“I have Fight club after school, as usual!” Brayden said with a smirk. He was a short but stocky man. His hazel eyes bore into her with oppression. He wore a pair of Express jeans and an Express shirt with “For Honor” printed onto it. At sixteen he had built a legacy for himself.

“I have the poetry reading,” Faye said quietly. Her long brown hair in waves on her shoulders. She wore a colorful dress with flowers all over it. Her hands glistened with rings of natural stone and her pendant across her chest sparkled in the sunlight. Turning seventeen, one of the older ones, she had the best hope of life. Dabbling in poetry instead of drugs.

“I am going to hang out with Dave tonight,” Levi lied. We all knew he was off to some high school or maybe college party to get smashed, “I won’t be home until tomorrow.” At fifteen, he was the most chaotic. Never caring about himself or others. Drinking until he was drunk and rinse and repeat.

“I’m gonna be up in my room doing homework,” Trent said with disgust. He had fallen behind on all his homework and had to desperately catch up, “although my friends might be over later if we have time.” At sixteen his motivation had wavered with the chaos that is adolescence.

“I’m staying with Stacey for a girls night,” Brianna lied. She wore a blouse, fully buttoned but that will change in school, and a mini denim skirt. We all knew she would be spending the night with someone. Her long black hair and blue eyes made her desirable to many men. At sixteen, she was now of age for consent. Although that never stopped her before. Since she was twelve she’s been bedded by many.

“I’ve got club after school,” Nicole said with a sweet smile. At fifteen her life had began the upward spiral of beginning to look into colleges and moving on from whatever this was.

“I have plans with my best friend later,” Ethan added. Seventeen, and quite on his own, Ethan played by no ones rules but his own but treated everyone with the upmost respect.

“Well that is everyone, but Dominic of course, Brayden will you go stir the dead for me,” Christina asked as she typed everything out on the computer. “I swear sixteen is killing him.”

Everyone got a notification with her contact information, her work scheduled, and a list of everyone and their locations. She was always very careful and semi-over-protective. We all adored, and hated, this. As Foster children being abandoned by your parents makes life extremely hard.

“Well your father will be home late tonight, he is off to Chicago this evening, but I’ll be home relatively early if anyone decides to skip out. We can read some books and eat brownies,” Christina said almost desperately. They were all growing up and she began to miss them dearly. They all think a new foster child will be added soon enough.

Like the turns at a subway they emptied the house with no one but Christina at the kitchen table and Dominic throwing on his clothes straying to rush out. Late again. His clothes on backwards and his pants stained from the meal the night before. His backpack tattered and bulging like he has never emptied it before.

Writing Prompts


Ethan sat up in bed staring at the moonlight . Sleep had evaded him once again. Next to him lie a naked Nicole. His foster sister. Her curly red hair in tangles on the pillow. Her chest heaving with each shallow breath. Her blue eyes begging to draw him in. He leaned in and kissed her on the eyebrow. His heart fluttered as he pulled away.

Standing up he rummaged through the nightstand for a cigarette. Cleverly disguised as a pack of playing cards. He slipped one behind his ear and grabbed a lighter amongst the other crap in the drawer. He quietly slipped out the back slider doors and sat himself on the porch. Pulling the cigarette to his lips he lit up and drew in a cloud of grey smoke as he sighed.

The evening had morphed into dangerous territory for him. Nightmares he could never remember would plague his mind until he woke up. Ethan tried so hard to remember any minuscule detail. He was disturbed with leaves crunching beside him in the autumn air. Ethan looked over in surprise. There before him was a burly man with a military haircut, dark hazel eyes, and a tank top and shorts.

“Trying to scare me Trent?” Ethan said pulling on his cigarette.

“Ha no man, just sneaking a bowl. Want a hit?” Trent asked.

“Nah man, you know nicotine is my muse!” Ethan laughed.

“And Nicole,” Trent added harshly.

Ethan’s face went instantly cold with disgust.

“Man, I’m playing you, chill!” Trent said in response to Ethan’s face.

“Don’t fuck with me man,” Ethan said sternly.

“We all have our muses,” Trent added.

“Bullying Ethan again are we? May I join?” A voice boomed behind them.

Each one leaping with fright as a scrawny man emerged from the glass doors carrying a six pack of beer. His jeans torn, and shirt in shreds as he leapt onto the grass.

“Scared the shit out of me Levi,” Trent said.

“I bring a muse, we can all agree on!” Levi said tossing each one a beer.

“We all know what Ethan is doing is wrong. But we ought not judge others until we have judged thyselves,” Levi said acting like some sort of master of literature.

“At least it’s not Brianna,” Trent and Levi laughed together.

“So what’s everyone doing up?” Ethan asked desperate to change the subject.

“Smoking,” Trent said.

“Drinking,” Levi added.

“You?” They asked in unison.

“Can’t sleep, nothing unusual really. I keep having these dreams that wake me up but the sick thing is that I can’t remember anything in them?” Ethan added snuffing his cigarette and setting it beside him.

“Yeah man, we all get to fight those nightmares,” Trent said stoned.

“I drink so I can pass out and avoid them all together,” Levi said as he crushed his second beer can.

“Well it’s been nothing but annoying lately, but I think I am starting to feel the alcohol. I’m going to go back to bed, thanks for hanging out with me guys,” Ethan said, as his draw to Nicole tugged at his mind.

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt (short)

You’re a wizard trying to life a normal life in the city and have become know as the best bartender in town. Normal you only mix simples spells into drinks on the sly to keep a reputation, but one day one of your regulars tells you his child has been diagnosed with cancer.

The Virgins Flask began filling up as the sun began it’s daily sleep. A man was standing at the bar ready to whip out the hard alcohol to make an honest living in this godforsaken town. A man walked up to him, well should say a dwarf, he had wiry brown hair and a long well-groomed beard. He pulled out his coin purse and smirked as he popped it on the counter.

“Good evening Master Faron, have you been having a decent day?” He said as he pulled out a large stalk cigar and lit it up with a pack of matches.

“Bristleview, nice of you to join us this evening how is the blacksmithing?” Faron laughed as he walked to the kegs, “I am guessing you would love some of the Bard’s nectar?”

“Of course, you know me so well here!” Bristleview laughed.

Faron poured a tall glass of brown liquid and turned his back to the dwarf. Whipping out his wand he stirred a spell of recovery into the brew. Wiping the wand off and slipping it back into his coat. The dwarf would wake up and feel well rested and able to make his weapons faster the next day. Faron always took pride in his magic, but preferred to use it to better the villagers lives than to trick or sadden them. They all came here to deal with the sadness of the universe. It was a place to unwind and forget everything. Slapping it on the counter Faron happily collected the silver pieces on the counter.

“You sir make the best brew I have ever had!” Bristleview said as he gulped it down in one shot.

Slipping a bronze piece on the counter for a tip and a silver piece for another. Faron gladly poured him another, no spell this time, he didn’t want to overdue it. A human had stumbled in, his sword swaying at his hip as he ripped off his helmet. Two other followed behind him. The Hemsworth Royal Guard. I could sense the frowning faces of the many unkind encounters some of my patrons have had with the police force of Hemsworth’s kingdom.

“What shall I get you officers this evening?” Faron said while shining a glass.

“None of these Bard’s brew bullshit, thats for sure. Thats for half-men and convicts. I’ll have a triple spiked Altarian, in a flask,” the man ordered pulling a heavy coin purse from his bag.

Faron sighed, a show off, one with lots of money. He kept a handful of new flasks beneath his counter as peace offerings to travelers but the Royal Guard knew and would steal them whenever they have a couple extra coins. Almost as if travelers were frowned upon. The three men gathered at a table and began harassing some poor elf. Spewing bullshit on being with a “real man”. He finished their beverages and quickly stirred in a calming spell, they would be hungover in a matter of sips and asleep. Get them in, get them out, get on with our lives. He brought them to the guards as they drank heavily from the flask.

The doors swung open and a man with hood peered inside. Slipping in silently to the bar table.

“Good evening my good sir, I am looking for some hospitality,” the man said his head hung low with whispers.

“This is just the place to find that, this is the Virgin’s Flask, we have a couple rooms upstairs for hire. Two silver pieces a night, does that sound fair?” The bartender said as he wiped clean a couple dishes.

“More than reasonable good sir, may I have a key?” He requested.

Writing Prompts

The Battle in the Woods 

She stumbled into the soil, it’s moistness penetrating her robes. Filing her nostrils with the earthy aroma of mushrooms. Her eyes watering from exhaustion and her breath a shallow gasp she stood to her feet. The branches breaking around her as she watched glowing red eyes begin to surround her. A stream of blood metallic in her throat she swallowed in fear. 

Her sword raised, her goddesses looking down on her, and a ball of fire in her hands, she still wasn’t confident she could win this battle. 
Hellraisers; hellraisers, everywhere! 
Suddenly claws came for her glinting a speckle of light of the moonlight slicing through her robes leaving tattered remains. She blasted the horrific creature away with fire and two more appeared behind her. Tackling her to the dirt begging to rip her head off. Drool flying and teeth gnashing, what a horrifying nightmare her life had become. She closed her eyes and began to recite the old defense spell. 
“Skjöldur” she muttered in desperation. 
An explosion of magic erupted from her body, blasting away the creatures begging to feast upon her flesh. The cried in agony as they flattened trees and brush with their bodies. She looked around painfully to see that more were coming. She fell to her knees tears begging to overflow in her eyes. She pouted and began to cry knowing that this was one battle she wasn’t coming back from. 
A crash could be heard from the wood line as a Knights sword sliced through one of the creatures flesh, bursting it into flames. He swung backwards and another creature burst into smoke. He began slashing through them with his blade turning her grave into a place of rebirth. His moves were swift and quick as hellraiser after hellraiser he sliced through them in desperation. He suddenly tossed his sword into the ground and leaned on its handle. Hands resting as the gnawing creatures came closer and closer. Did he give up? It looked as though he was muttering something quietly to himself. Did he know magic. She trembled in the soil as they got closer. 
“Stríðsmenn Blása” he cried out, his eyes glazed over in light. 
Energy emitted from the blade like a typhoon, exploding around him in waves, massacring the creatures in lights unseen. Waves continued to blast from his blade making sure to get every inch and corner in it’s radius. Hellraisers were bursting in flames and turning to smoke in agonizing screams as the battlefield was cleared by but one man. 
She lay there in awe over his power. Wondering who he could be? What is he doing here? Is he a soldier, a king, a God! The possibilities of his existence were forever lasting. She looked at him her jaw dropped in shock as suddenly she realized. He was gone. She crumpled to her knees from exhaustion and overwhelming admiration for whoever just saved her life. 
Or did she save her own life? 

Writing Prompts

Tiez, Killer of Kings


“Get the king to his throne safe room, pronto!” A soldier said bursting through the doors. Two Knights looked at him in confusion.

“Tiez, he’s here,” the soldier clarified.

“No, how, stop him! Where is Renaldo?” The king sputtered impatiently.

“He’s going after Tiez now, but for safety sake we are hiding you away. Into the throne room, now! Only one knight will be able to go with him, quickly decide!” The soldier said through screams just outside the door.

“I will protect you until I die sir!” One knight chimed up as he ushered the king to safety.

Tiez swept through the hallways in fury as he sliced open several Knights and pressured forward. He clapped his hands and blew holes into the doors designed to protect the king. He finally reached the hall to the throne room.

“Stop alchemist,” someone ordered.

Tiez turned around to see a man wearing all blue, a state alchemist! Suddenly the room exploded in light as Tiez was attacked by Renaldo, he clapped his hands and created a wall out of stone to absorb the blow. He clapped again and ran his hand down his arm, forming a sword. He ran after Renaldo and suddenly was faced with a whip made of light, wrapped around his ankle pulling him across the stone floor. Smacking him against the walls surrounding them.

“Lightsworn alchemist, what a pity,” Tiez coughed as blood flowed from his mouth.

“I switched to a more prosperous career. I protect the king he pays me handsomely, and although I don’t get to practice as much as I would like too. I have money so…” He smirked as he whipped out a barrage of light and struck Tiez.

“The best part of alchemy is understanding it. Suddenly Tiez coated himself in silver reflecting the light away from him.

“What you can’t transmute something out of nothing!” He cried furiously.

Tiez showed him a bracelet made of several different metals.

“Clever, alchemist, what do they even call you now?” Ronaldo asked.

“Tiez, killer of kings,” he smirked as he struck his sword through his attackers chest.

Ronaldo fell to the ground panting as light struggled to stitch him together, Tiez transmuted his sword into silver and repelled the lights.

“You can heal once, you’re unconscious!” Tiez said sadly.

“They’ll find you, and kill you!” Ronaldo struggled his eyes demanding to close.

“I hope so, I like to be challenged,” Tiez said pulling the blade from his chest as his eyes closed. Light began to fabricate stitches and put him back together, sparkling around his body.

Tiez began to traverse the hallways looking for those big double doors. There before him were the doors to the king’s throne. He smiled and blasted them apart. Inside were two soldiers, who quickly found themselves crushed under stone. The room was empty, no king here!

“Of course, they managed to get him away,” Tiez said in frustration.

Tiez walked around the throne room looking for a secret room. Ripping paintings from walls and grimacing as his hope was flustering. He sat himself on the king’s throne and tried to think, how would they get away? Suddenly he felt the chair move a little. He leapt into the air and landed, beginning to inspect the chair. He smirked as he saw a little hole, just big enough for a small key. He touched his bracelet to the hole and clapped his hands, forming metal to fill its crevasse. He turned it slightly, a click could be heard.

“A secret room below the throne, clever.”

He kicked it aside to reveal a set of stairs. He walked down them as silently as he could. Feeling his way around in the dark as he descended deeper into the darkness. He discovered an intricate collection of hallways. No idea which one to follow.

“This could take longer than I thought!”


Writing Prompts

The Dead Guardian-Continued

Brooke looked over and saw the bushes rustling. She clutched her staff in fear as Sly went to investigate. Suddenly Sly was tossed aside a flow of blood following. He laid next to her panting as she looked over at his body and tears began to flow from her eyes. Out beyond the bushes, a black creature came out blood oozing from its mouth. It snarled at her in bloodlust as she prepared her staff, forgetting that this area doesn’t allow magic! “You filthy beast!” She cried, as miraculously a blast of magic energy exploded from her staff. 

The beast was strewn out on the glowing grass as it panted in pain. It managed to stumbles itself up and came after Brooke. She attacked him with her staff, knocking the creature aside but not harming it. She tried to do magic, but it wouldn’t work. She stared at it in fear as it came after her. 

Suddenly a glint of a blade sparkled in her eyes as the creature was cut into two. There before her appeared a man, wearing a black trench coat and sheathing a sword, she recognized him immediately. 

“Zabara!” She screeched in excitement. 

“Hello Brooke, looks like you can’t stay out of harms way huh?” He chuckled. 

“What are you doing here?” Brooke asked, suddenly realizing her companion was hurt, “Sly!” 

She hurried over to her furry friend looking at his wounds tears welling up. 

“I can’t use magic,” she said defeated. 

“Don’t worry, let’s see what I can do!” Zabara said reaching into his coat pockets rummaging from something to stop the bleeding. He furnished a small jar inside was some moss. He pulled some out of the jar and placed it favorably in his wound. Suddenly it began to absorb the moss, replacing it with flesh sealing the wound. Sly leapt up and licked Zabara’s face. He laughed as he toppled over into the grass. 

“Thank you so much!” Brooke smiled as she wiped tears from her face. 

“Anytime princess, so why am I here? Well honestly I’m searching for a rare flower that is said to grow here in the Deep Haven’s. It is said to grant more powerful alchemy, but I haven’t had the luxury of finding it. How about you? Why all on your own traveling the woods of the Guardian?” Zabara asked suspiciously. 

“I’m traveling with two people, but we had to break apart to travel these three paths.” 

A twig cracked behind them and Zabara ripped his blade out in defense. There before him was Derek, a gun in his hand aimed at him, a piece of grass in his teeth, clenching them angrily. On the other side, a blade could be heard coming from its scabbard. Zabara turned around and struck the approacher, his sword immediately tossed from his hand as Serj took a step forward. 

“Stop it guys, he’s a friend!” Brooke cried out in shock. 

“Who is this? Why is he following us?” Derek asked, never once lowering his weapon. 

“How did you know I was following you?” Zabara said clenching his fists. 

“I’m a mercenary, it’s my job to protect high disciples. I’ve been trained to recognize noises most would not hear. You tried to soften your steps with magic, and I couldn’t hear you after we entered so I figured you gave up and fled from this magic free haven,” Derek explained. 

“You’ve been following me?” Brooke said betrayed. 

“Sorry Brooke, I was worried about you and didn’t want you to get hurt. I was worried who you might meet up with and of all people a mercenary and a navigational. I was very concerned. Hoping they weren’t planning to double team you as thieves,” Zabara said shamefully. 

“I can’t take care of myself,” Brooke said sheepishly. 

“Now, how did you find me?” Zabara asked. 

“Soul Resonance, we felt her heartbeat quicken, then felt fear and sadness. We both rushed here as fast as we could,” Serj explained. 

“Now the question of the day, why are you three traveling together?” Zabara asked calmly. 

“We need to warn the king,” Derek said, lowering his weapon. 

Writing Prompts

The Alley

imageWhenever someone mentions witches, they immediately think of old ugly women who are hundreds of years old. With that signature mole on their nose. However, this is not always true. Sure I know a few older witches that fill that stereotype but they all don’t. In matter of fact, anyone could be a witch regardless of age or looks. The only rule, is that it’s a woman. Men are called wizards, warlocks, or sorcerers. I find this highly offensive. But that’s how Artesia works. The king makes the calls. I’m a special kind of witch though. I’m a huntress. I am hired for not only my proficiency in spell casting but also my skills with a blade. It’s gets lonely on the road, so I have my friend Spook with me. She’s a little furry feline, another stereotype associated with witches. They all think we have cats, and no other animals. I know a couple witches that have fricking wolves. So fuck that. However, I like cats. They’re stealthy, defensive, and cunning. No one expects a cat to be on a high stakes scout mission. Reporting to her mistress all the intel I need to assassinate another unfortunate Shattered Soul.

Let me explain those to you as well. Witches and Demons have fought for centuries. You think by now they would have a pact, but here’s the thing. Demons don’t get along with fucking anyone. They are hunted by priests, paladins, Angels, and witches. Although the latter for a separate issue. Back in the day the first witch, Morgan Le Fey was slaughtered by her demonic lover Lucifer. He smashed the witch and demon alliance all because he couldn’t keep it in his pants. Almost as bad as Zeus. Although he started wars on behalf of his penis. Shattered Souls are people that have been infected with a demon. We are charged with destroying them. While Angels and Priests try to save the humans souls, that just makes the demon find another host. They need to be destroyed. So they can no longer infect the innocence in the world.

I was stationed in the alleyways of a local village only towns from the king. They were reports of a gang of demons traveling village to village infecting innocent people in order to expand their horizons. Reach more areas so whenever a demon need to do the bidding of their master they could, in record time. I’ve been trailing them. Watching them try to find a host. Once they do. I kill them. They have yet to caught on. The alley was silent in the dead of night. But I knew my demon I was hunting had a special place in his heart for a host here. See, the out skirting villages are already on suspicion of espionage and treason, so they are often swept to kill all demons. However they have a three village rule. Do to the demand for this type of work they can’t go to all the villages. So this village was perfect. Pretty well thought out for a demon, someone was definitely pulling the strings here. I would never have guessed who.

I walked around the bricks and saw my target, he had gone for a smoke break. Leaving himself alone and vulnerable. My chance to slay him once and for all, but this would not be an easy fight. I rose my sword high and placed a wooden pipe between my teeth. I often used tobacco mixed with herbs to entice a feeling of calmness over my body. A little herbal medicine.
“Flee Spook warn the others, I’m going in!” I said calmly to my companion.

I rushed in with my blade in hand and cut the demons cigarette from his lips.
“Oh boy, someone to play with. I was wondering when you were coming after me little huntress,” he smirked as light enveloped his body.

“You knew I was following?” I gasped, suddenly losing my confidence.

To Be Continued…

This one I plan on continuing. I have time constraints!