Derek sat at the bar, tapping away furiously on the table. The speakeasy was busy tonight, not something Derek liked. Suddenly the doors were thrown open and in pushed three people in long white jackets. Great, Derek sighed, now the Artesian police force was strolling in. Hopefully they would overlook him. He really didn’t feel like starting another fight tonight.

‘Keep them coming,” Derek ordered the bartender. She strode over, her long black hair and busty frame oozing from her tight top. Her beautiful eyes a glimmering blue as it hit the candlelight.

“This is your fifth one tonight Derek, don’t you want to take it easy?” She asked carefully.

“Don’t worry, I’m staying upstairs in the inn, I’m not going very far. Have those fancy jackets help me out tonight if you need,” Derek laughed.

The busty bartender furnished another rum and coke and just shook her head. The three jackets started heading in her direction and she knew she was about to deal with some stupid shit.

“Good evening bar wench, how is it going?” One of the white jackets jested.

He was a scrawny looking guy. Very bone thin. His hair was a messy chocolate and his eyes a dark blue. On his jacket was the long coat insignia.

“The name is Gerald, and if you need someone to escort you home tonight. I’d be glad to do it, just invite me in and we will have some fun,” Gerald laughed trying to show off for his partners.

The other one was a bit burly, buzz cut hair and a chiseled jaw. His eyes bore into me as he looked over. The third one had wandered off to see what kind of women were hanging out this evening. He was tall and average. Black hair smoothed back like a ladies talker.

“These are my pals Trevor, the muscle, and Matt, the stylist, we are pretty adventurous guys so you know, if you are looking for something out of the ordinary. We’ve got what you need,” Gerald continued, obviously ignoring her signs of disinterest.

“Who might you be civilian?” Trevor asked accusingly.

“My name is Derek, what can I do for you? Looking to bum a few drinks before you collect their rent?” Derek said through gritted teeth,

“My you’re quite the dirtbag huh? You do realize I could arrest you for any reason at all and keep you for as long as I want right. I’d be more on the civil side if I was you!” Trevor said with his voice laced with bragger.

“Leave him be, he’s just another piece of shit that ended up here, and besides he’s not all wrong. How about we open a tab, take a little off the rent for you?” Gerald said with a wink.

It was not needed however, the longcoats collected all the funds for the village. Every bill that needed paying and the rent that needed to be collected. They basically ran the place. Ever since the poor revolution they had early the king of Artesia granted them a boost in their ruling. Basically reporting directly to one of his board any sort of issue that felt was important enough to mention.

“Yes sure, what do you need? You know these are like 3 bits apiece right?” She smirked as each one pointed at the beer keg.

“Not even a patriotic discount, disappointing,” Gerald smiled as he pulled out a slip of parchment. On the very top was the longcoat insignia and anything written by quill on it, was official. He scribbled our beer quickly and put three lines next to it and slipped it to her.

“See you around Derek,” Trevor poked as he stepped towards the crowded tables.

“Fucking longcoats I tell you, always pushing around their power thinking they are all great. Stupid bastards. We could overpower each of them right now!” The bartender said disgusted.

“Careful now Lilly, I think that is treason,” Derek laughed.

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