Tea; the magical beverage. A (old but effective) form of alteration. Emotion, sickness, or bodily functions. The smell of cinnamon wafts into the rafters of the efficiency apartment. Holding the hot beverage tight in your hands as you beg for it’s uplifting benefits. A tonic made of leaves and stems. Granting the abilities of forever seeing. You close your eyes to be swallowed by the darkness of peace. Slipping the cup to your lips as you indulge on its spicy tones. Suddenly the kettle is burning again. You know you turned the stove off? You want to open your eyes, scared to see what is before you. 

 Pulling them open with effort you are looking before yourself. Your body mangled and torn, looking around. Your tongue slithering in and out of your mouth. Blood oozing from your eyes. You start to cry. You want to close your eyes before it sees you? But somehow you can’t. Your strength waivers as you try to pull them closed. Suddenly the bloody pupils are staring back at you. It whispers something you can’t quite comprehend. It bends inhumanly towards as it twists and contours into the shadows. You need to be free now. You need to go.  

 It is closer now, it hisses like the kettle as you open your mouth to scream for help. Not a sound escapes as it’s inches away from you. It unhinges it’s jaws to consume you. You are frozen in terror as it’s pointy teeth come close. The hot drool oozing on top of your body as it opens wider. It jumps to the ceiling hanging from the rafters as it is poised above you. Slowly it comes as if for eternity. 

 You break into a cold sweat as you try to think of how to let go. The world you have stumbled upon you has taken you now and there is no escape. It scrunches around you. Squealing and gushing. Panting and moaning as it covers your body in grotesque. You feel your body crushed, the pinching of teeth, the hot steam of it’s breath threatens to suffocate you. 

 Your inside it now trying to claw your way out. The world is getting quite now. Slowly everything fades away. Silence is all you feel now. You finally decided to surrender the fight. Waving your white flag in compliance. Slowly sleep gathers you as your eyes roll behind your head. Everything is numb now. 

 She walks in front of your apartment, her purse and keys in hand. She fumbles and jangles; fighting the door. She finally conquers this challenge and walks through the door. She whispers your name seductively, in a flirty tease as she stumbles in. She laughs and cheers and tells you about her day. She doesn’t realize you’re not here anymore. 

 Your body lies still on the carpeted floor, your chest fluttering quietly, you’re struggling for life now and she hasn’t yet understood. She screams a piercing melody as she realizes what you have done. She crawls next to your body as it fights the good fight. Tears streaming down her cheeks in waves as she tries to jiggle you awake. 

 She knows it is all pointless to even bother or try. She wants so badly to save you, but all she can do is cry. She looks over at the baggy, lying ripped open by your side. She asks how much you took. And looks at your cold dead eyes. 

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