Finally, A Challenger

The sun was slowly beginning its descent into its bed of rest. I sat cross-legged on the rocky cliff as I looked around. No one ever came up here, not that there was really much to do up here. However what I guarded was indeed important. The tablet of the great spell. It has been defended by our clan for many centuries. I have only heard whispers of the spells abilities but never dared look at it myself. Something with that much power was best left to the Gods. 

I had no idea why we would even keep something like this around, it seems like it is just asking for trouble. But I never asked questions, I went about my business making sure it was safe from those that would use it for evil. However, no one really wanted to dabble into that either. Too much power is not a good idea. Silly probably to spend all my life up here, cross-legged and meditating. No contact with anyone else. Just practicing my magic and battle skills hoping that they would best any foe before me. I hoped I was not getting rust? 

My term here was almost done, it is indeed isolating to be stuck all alone so I swapped with my brothers every quarter of the Roman calendar. A few days away and I would be making my great descent down and indulge in the finer things of life. I had grown weary of the mountain spring and the vegetable, herbs, and spices that had been planted here. The unlucky game that walked through here now and again. All of it bored easily.

I had not been allowed to stray from the tablet more than a hundred meters or so. However, not that I was too worried. There was only one way to access this tablet; through the Mountain Pass. The sun had been swallowed by the earth now. I sat in silence as I began to cast the spell of Vision. Which would allow me to get some rest but would go off if anything living came in my direction. Like an all seeing eye that need not to see. It was in my dreams, although. I was sleeping it was as if I was awake. I could see myself.

Just sitting there… waiting. 

The sun had made its grand ascent torwards the skies and I knew another day of calamity was upon me. I enjoyed my work, do not get me wrong, I felt it necessary to keep such evil at bay but I was becoming an old man now and probably needed to invest in some other options. 

The clank of metal on stone had shocked me. It has been so long since someone has been here I didn’t even know I remembered that sound. I began to peer back thinking, perhaps one of them is here just a little early do some catching up. Although the armor or metal on stone thing, made me thing my fantasies would not be coming true. 

Before me stood a warrior in dark armor and a battle axe. I looked him up and down and quickly assessed him. He had no magical affinities but he seemed scary, dangerous even, as if he knew what he was after. He knew he could be her. I sighed much to my dismay as I now had something to do. But why was he here? He possessed no magic!

Just two more days and I wouldn’t have had to deal with this! 

“You shall not pass!” I said as I walked towards him, “my name is Chen and I am the protector of the ‘Great Spell’.” 

“Hello Chen, they refer to me as Valor, I am a knight in search for power for my master, I will vanquish you here and now and the tablets words will become mine,” Valor spoke in triumphace. 

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