The Navigationals

***Temporary TItle***

Story Idea

We rushed through the hallways, pulling my coat closer to me. Suddenly out of nowhere a kid came in to punch me! I grabbed his fist and pushed it back dislocating his shoulder, then I kicked his kneecaps till he crumpled onto the floor. I looked over at my mentor and ran to keep up with him.
“I told you the students here don’t like me,” I said angrily.
“Well sadly, our choices are limited,” he said quickly, “the teacher we need to speak to is here.”
“Teacher’s don’t like me either,” I frowned.
“The teacher we are here for likes no one, so I can get this” he said with a hustle.
Suddenly the hallways were getting thinner and we were getting to the darker parts of the castle. A single corridor lit by only torches was our only choice. There were no doors here but one. At the very end, I stepped forward with my mentor.
“He will not be happy to see me,” he smirked as he opened the heavy door.
The door was tossed wide open. There were large wooden tables everywhere with cauldrons and briefcases full of ingredients. We walked into the dark room, where only a single candle on the top floor was lit. His office.
“I knew it would only be a matter of time before you would seek me. I told you once Eldon, those days are beyond me now. I’m an old man!” he said shaking.
The man who appeared before us was indeed quite old, he had a long white beard. He wore a coat made of blue satin and gold threads. His hair had been mostly lost, but it wasn’t noticeable under his small hat.
“I wouldn’t ask you for that, master, I only need a little favor.” my mentor said as he reached into his pockets.
He produced a quill with the initials KRG engraved into it. He gave it to the teacher who looked it over with curiosity.
“This is quite an old quill,” he said with a little smile.
Walking over to the bookcase he pulls out a hideaway book. Inside is a little leather journal, he looks at it and caresses it with his hands as he walks over to my mentor.
“This has ancient information, in dire need of updating, but I feel you know that and what you seek is from the old ways?” he smirked.
“Thank you master, I will not be returning this, you’ve carried it long enough and you have done well to protect it. Enjoy your last days master, the world is no longer after you!” my mentor smiled as he hugged the old man.
“Thank you, Eldon, I appreciate it. I’ll be off now there is a show of dragons in Europe I wish to see,” he smirked as he waived his hands and a trunk began to pack itself.
“Here, Devyn, this is now under your safeguard!” Eldon said as he tossed a book and quill to him, “Maybe you could read when you’re bored?”
“Yea, thanks master, I’ll keep a good eye on it. Maybe I will read it, we will see, can we leave now?” I whined.
“Yes, we are on our way out!” he said as he waved to his master.
The hallways were lighting up as we walked out, the halls were mostly empty which made the trip out more enjoyable. Soon the sky had fallen upon them as they stepped into the courtyard. Devyn held close to him his walking stick. He dragged himself behind his mentor.
“I need a drink,” he smiled as he tossed a couple gold coins in my direction.
“What are these for?” I asked.
“You’re too young to drink boy, but there are other amenities this castle offers. Go have some fun, meet someone fun!” He smirked.
“What about tomorrow?”
“Don’t forget supplies meboy!” He laughed as he walked into the tavern.
I grumbled as I walked to our horse, wrapped around the stables with their eyes closed. Each one held a great deal of luggage. I pulled things out of the bag in a fury making sure we had everything we needed. Once I assessed I realized, he had no food. Sure we could hunt but no spices. I was agitated. So much for one of the lovely women of Kampari.
“Thats some mighty fine horses you’ve got there? It would be a shame if I was to take them from you?” A man smirked drawing his sword.
He was a burly man, half his hair gone from some freak accident. Two skinny boys stood beside him holding kepeshs who uses those anymore?
“Are you saying you want to take my horses?” I looked at him in disgust.
“And everything in them. Fetch a fortune nowadays if we have good horses.” He smiled, “just walk away kid no one has to get hurt.
“Unbelievable!” I smirked.
I leapt into the air and kicked all three of them back. I pressed a button on my walking stick and furnished a blade. I quickly disarmed the two tiny guys while doing a backflip off the bigger guy. I parried him disarming him rather quickly, he stumbled to the rocks and panted in shock.
“How, you look like a cripple?” The big guy hummed in anger.
“Yeah, far from that man. Now seriously, I suggest you walk away because you’re about to be chased by something from your nightmares.” I smiled as light began to gather around my body.
“No sir! Nothing wrong here! Sorry for bothering you!” The big man stuttered as he pulled himself up, “you’re a demon!”
They quickly ran in different directions as I stood my ground. I finished my packing real quick as I looked into the night sky. Still early night I could meet someone tonight.
I walked though the courtyard as salesmen yelled their products. Each one talking it up like it was the best thing ever. Suddenly I saw the lit sign. “MyLady’s” I smirked as I palmed the gold coins in my hands. I walked up to the door where a man wearing all satin smiled at me.
“Good evening sir, are you interested in partaking the wonders of this evening?” He winked.
“Yes sir. Looking for someone, thin but not too thin, she has to have red hair. Both places. Her eyes need to seem innocent, although we both know that’s not it amiright? And her hair must be curly, I’m carrying heavy today so she must be willing to do as I ask of her!” I smirked jingling my pockets.
“Yes sir! I have just the one you’re looking for, her name is Lady Dante. Feisty but innocent!” He smiled as he rang a bell.
Down the stairs came a woman of immaculate beauty. Her body wrapped in silk and her red hair deep waves down her shoulders. Her eyelashes heavy with black charcoal as she blinked, her eyelashes enhancing her youthful face. She came down and with a little tease pulled her dress up, showing legs smoother than an apple and built like a goddess. I smirked to myself as I grabbed her by the arm.
“The deluxe suite my good man!” I smiled as I tossed him a gold coin!


The sun had eaten its way through the thin shades of the luxury suite. My goddess that led me through a night of pure bliss lay beside me, quietly dreaming of a world where she isn’t being paid to have sex with. I left the coin under her pillow as I leapt through the door. I forgot about getting anything to eat! I ran up to the closes stall and bought us some quick supplies and shoved them in a burlap sack as I rushed to meet my mentor, praying he was just as late as me.
He stood there with a grimace puffing on a pipe in disgust.
“How was I able to arrive before you while under the devils nectar?” He sighed.
“Sorry master, I, lost track of time!” I lied.
“Well dear boy, quickly load them up! We must be on our way to the Green Reaches, where our next mission lies.
I quickly got on the house as we headed out towards the dirt trails laid from years before. On our way to a slaying of an almighty beast.

“The village of Jonril guards the deep woods of the green reaches, we are asked to attend by the almighty king of Kesh himself. We are to slay a nasty Wendigo. It has been spotted taking children. Feasting upon their flesh as if it’s life depended on it. It cannot be spoken how many children have been lost to this beast. Therefore we must be at our best, for this battle will not be quick.” Eldon said with a mighty puff of his pipe.
“Yes, is there anything in this book about this creature? I assume this is why we collected it?” I asked.
“Clever boy, yes, KRG had written a great page about his study of the wendigo’s he had encountered on his travels. We could use his vast knowledge to aid us in battle. Perhaps a library holds better answer, you think? Of course! But wendigos have not been seen for quite some time now. They are considered rare, because they don’t often show themselves. But when they do, they wreak havoc on all in their path.
They have sharp teeth on many parts of their bodies. They eat children to sate their sick obsession with human flesh.” Eldon smiled, as though there are worst things out there than that.
This wasn’t going to be an easy battle. I’ve heard myths and lore about these diabolical creatures. The most famous being “Winnie the Wendigo,” he sat in bushes during halloween night waiting for children to walk by them, then leap out and digest their tiny bodies. So many children went missing before one of the Navigators sought after them. His name was Malik, he was well known for his murder of various creatures in a short span. He slain the wendigo but with the cost of his dominant hand. A tragedy that befell him. He left the Navigators after that and resides on a peaceful beach somewhere. Haunted daily by the wendigos rotating teeth.

The night was already falling heavy upon us and we still had a ways to go, all that nonstop travel has left us both quite exhausted and in need of some sleep. We decided to set camp up next to one of the cliffs to protect us from attacks. We threw up the tent and gathered firewood. We roasted some potatoes and beef on the fire and began to talk more about the Navigationals.
“I know you’re new here Devyn, but there is much you need to know about us. We are a peaceful people, we only come when we are summoned, otherwise we could plunder villages with ease. We each pair up with a young navigational, usually with some kind of, shall we say, ailment? My pal Revlon is teamed up with a werewolf by the code name of “Nails”. However I got lucky, and got a daemon? Which we still know nothing about, shameful really? How am I supposed to prepare you for battle when I barely understand what you are? Pitiful I am! I apologize for putting your through this daunting task, but I know I couldn’t do it alone.” He said, rather sincerely.
I laid down in the fur blanket as I cracked open KRG’s book. I thumbed through the pages until I found the one I was looking for, no not the wendigo. Demons.

Demons are mythical creatures that possess abilities beyond this dimension. They can cast daemagi, transform, and see things with their daemon eye that no other creature can tune into. I know so little about these magnificent creatures.

On the bottom of the pages, in scribble handwriting was the name “Allison-Info”. I wonder if this Allison, could know anything more about my status as a paranormal creature? I thought I would ask Eldon tomorrow if this name has been spoken before. But I decided it would be best, for both of us, if I got some sleep. I summoned my aura around my body to keep us safe for the evening. If there was anything out there, my daemon would see it.

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