The Fight

“I do everything for you! I couldn’t dream of anyone else, all I ask in return is devotion and love. You can’t even give me that!” I cried as I grabbed my backpack.
“Please Radon, don’t it was nothing I swear!” Beth cried in dissatisfaction.
“You want to go fucking sleep with your ex, do it. I’m done. I’m so done.” I said as I ripped open the door and leapt into my car.
Beth came up to me with tears in her eyes begging me not to go. But I had too. I couldn’t do this anymore. She’s cheated on me three times with this guy already. She’s had her chances. I blasted Disturbed as I blew out of the driveway.
“The apartments yours, bitch.” I screamed in a flurry of dust and pine needles.
Beth dragged herself inside and threw her head in her hands. Tears rushing from her eyes. It was supposed to be coffee nothing more. Then before she knew it she was helping him take his shirt off in the back seat of his car. Her tits flopped out of her bra as he ravished her with his lying lips. It was only a matter of minutes before she climbed on top of him. Ecstasy steaming the windows. She knew it was wrong. She knew how he felt about her. He knew how Radon felt about him. The secret though she had no idea.
It was a muggy night when he saw it. She asked him to wake her up early for a cup of coffee with Derek. He distasted the thought as he snuck outside while she slept for a cigarette. His mind racing with the possibilities that overwhelmed him. That night he crawled into bed next to her. Thinking if he could only slip into the peaceful bliss of sleep. Where his thoughts couldn’t hurt him anymore. But they flipped it on him. He didn’t realize his abilities yet. That night his mind was tortured with vivid images of the two of them sneaking into the backseat of his car. They were all over each other, helping each other undress. Her tits filled his lips with a lustful addiction. She crawled on top of him when the windows began to fog. The images slipping away from him as only moans filled his mind. He shocked himself awake with a technique his friend Mitchell taught him. He sat up in bed his face dazed at what he just saw.

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