The Ebony Blade


We had been playing Knights vs Dragons all afternoon at the park near our house, Jeremy, David, and Michael were close friends and we brought along our new friend Vlad. He was an interesting child, always seemed to be in his own little world. His parents were poor so he had a stick instead of a nice plastic and foam sword and shields like we did. We made the mistake of telling him about the history of the park. It was rumored that many years ago it was the grounds of a castle, hence its name Bayonetta Park. Bayonetta castle was rumored to be the home to Artesia’s King. Many knights lived and died on these lands. Leaving them supposedly cursed and haunted at night. But we never worried about that. Until one night our parents forgot about us. We were playing in the park when it began to get dark. The moonlight pulled through the clouds and David cried. We needed to find out what was going on. So we pulled out Jeremy’s cell phone his mom gave him, one direct line to her phone. But she wouldn’t pick up. Vlad strayed from us and found himself staring at the cool rock that was never moved here. However, he noticed something sticking out of the rock. The handle of a sword of some kind? Of course, Vlad was very curious and walked right up to it and that’s when things changed forever. He pulled the sword out of the rock and suddenly moonlit fog spread across the grass. Transforming the world we knew into a tragedy. After the fog lifted we noticed that we were in a castle. It was empty besides the guards standing atop the towers. We stared at each other horrified and confused. Vlad looked at us with a grin that sent shivers of fear down my body.
“Finally, I’ve found it. It’s been so many years. My father spoke of the blade but he never knew his son, his outcast of a child, could find it. Now I will make them all pay.”
“Vlad, what’s going on?” David said through tears.
“What are you talking about?” Jeremy said defensively.
Michael stood in silence beside them.
“My father told me bedtime stories of the infamous Ebony Blade wielded by the Black Knight. He said it granted the Black Knight powers unimaginable. With it, he slashed many foes. Took down empires and overthrew the king. Now I will follow in his footsteps. I knew the stories had always been true. I just never knew I could be so close to them! Here in the park where I live, almost like fate had a hand in this decision.” Vlad said, his vocabulary articulate for a fourteen year old.
“What if you put it back? Will everything go back to the way it was?” David suggested as he wiped away tears from his face.
“This is what I wanted, I needed an escape from this terrible world we live in,” Vlad yelled triumphantly.
“Vlad you’re scaring me!” Jeremy said shook up.
“What more do you know of these stories?” Michael asked curiously.
“Here take a look,” Vlad said tossing him a small journal, “I’ve written everything down.”

Suddenly a man appeared behind them in black robes.
“Finally the prophecy has been fullfilled. I will finish this curse and lay it upon the lands. Bringing back the memories of forgotten pasts,” a man hissed.
“What curse?” Jeremy asked.
“Once the Ebony blade is pulled from its pedestal, waking it from its forever sleep the land will be thrust back in time to the days where armor and sword ruled,” Michael said reading from the book.
“Finally it’s here! My future! My overthrowing of all the silly peasants that shunned me! I, Lord Vlad-The Black Knight shall slay the king and throw the world into chaotic dictatorship!” Vlad said as the sky grew dark with clouds and magic could be felt in the air.

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