Day Seven: Give and Take

Prompt: Write a post based on the contras between two things- whether people, objects, emotions, places or something else.

Twist: Write your post in the form of a dialogue.


My friend and I have been gifted amazing abilities and we decided it was best, and time too, take a step back and approach our “condition”. However I never realized how different our views would be. We sat at the local Panera Bread in their incredibly comfortable chairs playing on our iPad and chilling.

“It’s hard going around the world, realizing that you possess some amazing ability that lets you do amazing things. We could use it to save someone! Make the world a better place!” I smiled as I sipped my Breakfast Blend coffee.

“It’s sickening is what it is. Given an amazing power in this shitty world! What makes us so special? I believe we need a reset. Wipe out humanity and begin again!” he said through clenched teeth downing the remainder of his Dark Roast.

“Are you implying people can’t change? I believe we’ve been given these powers in order to right the wrongs, fix what we’ve broken. Not demolish it.” I said defending my feelings.

“Well I think you’re a crazy fool. We can’t fix this! The world is sick, medicine won’t help it we need to put it out of its misery! Pull the plug! Only then will we be on the right path!” he said as he tossed his iPad onto the floor.

“David, how can you say that?” I struggled sitting up in my chair placing my iPad on the coffee table.

“Look Michael, it’s just not going to work. Trust me on this, I think I’ve known long enough the future of this planet. You haven’t dreamt the future. I have. I know better than you do. What this world is coming to, you don’t want it,” David said as he got up to fetch himself another coffee. I eagerly followed him.

“Seriously David, dreaming the future is huge! With that we can find the things the break down the world and reinforce them! Start something great! Achieve something! Come on David, I can’t do this alone!” I pleaded.

“Michael, stop. It just too difficult to fix!” David said as he capped his black coffee.

“David, no! Listen to what I’m saying! Let’s fix this! Do this right! The future is in our hands. We’re young adults. We’re going to live that future you’re so afraid of!” I said as I dumped my cold coffee and poured myself another cup.

“This ability thing destroys everyone, seriously. Imagine being able to blow up things with your mind! Corrupt political systems by controlling their thoughts. How about nuclear explosions, imagine making one in your hands. This stuff is dangerous! It needs to be eradicated.” David said angrily.

I could tell I was getting on his nerves but I just couldn’t imagine a world so bad it needed to be destroyed. That was his ability talking. Mine was much less jolting. I sat down in my chair and rethought how I was going to approach this. What could I do with someone who just feels like the worlds so broken, that no one can fix.

“Okay David. I understand. Your ability must make you see horrible things. Have you ever thought of looking for better things in the world? Reasons to dream of the good in the future. I’m sure it’s not all bad. Imagine being able to heal someone? I bet that’s helpful in the future! Imagine being able to invent helpful technologies. Imagine what an iPhone is in the future! Seriously Dave, take it down a notch and look at it from another light. Okay buddy? I’m here for you man!” I said as I slipped my glasses on and began to read from my iPad once again.

“I can’t control my dreams Mike! If I could I would be looking at more interesting things than the shambles of our future cities. I’d be looking for myself. See where I am. I bet I’m with some amazing woman, who’s inexplicitly died. Where were your healers than Mike? Not everyone is as good as you think they are. Trust me. I’ve seen some shit. I’m not looking for sadness or horror. I’m just trying to sleep. Get my rest, without be torn awake by a brutal murder of someone I don’t even know! It’s terrifying never knowing what you’ll find when you’re sleeping. All you can do is fly Mike. Embrace that.” David said as he threw himself back into the chair. Quickly retrieving his iPad and reading.

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