Day Three: Commit to a Writing Practice

Trigger Warning

Prompt: Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?

Twist: You’ll commit to a writing practice.

Disclaimer: They stated I could change whatever I would like too. So I’ve changed it to writing a story about ONE song. One that I’ve always wanted to write about. 

Kirsty Are You Doing Ok?

He felt powerless.  Tossing her against the wall was his escape. He needed to hurt her to feel alive. Putting his dirty hands on her was the only way he felt powerful. The walls were unforgiving as he bashed her into the sheetrock. Elbows and knees punctured the fragile substance, dust clouded the area. With tears streaming down her face, her sobs filled the empty apartment. Who could do this to someone. Would anyone save her? Then his calloused hands would do the unthinkable. Reaching for the only thing that could completely destroy someone; he reached for her jeans.

Classes had just begun now and there was a whole new world out there for me to face. Thats when I saw her. Beautiful flowing black hair she quickly fumbled to push her sleeves down. Her face, it bleed sadness. She walked through the hall aimlessly lost in her thoughts. I didn’t think much of it until I saw her again.

She clutched in her arms a composition notebook, her lifeline. I watched her helplessly every period. She wrote in the book obsessively. Her drawings were so dark. Pictures of her alone and eyes full of tears. She spent so much time alone. I didn’t know what could possibly be happening to her to maker her so distant from the world.

She could laugh with her “friends” and pretend everything is great but I know better. I’ve been watching you Kristy. I know somethings wrong. That one day on the field I found out. You left your notebook out for me. Did you do that on purpose Kristy? Did you want me to find it? I wish I never had.  Now I regret everything. Even if I was too young…

I was never there for you.

I’m sorry Kristy. I’ll miss you.

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