Day Two: A Room With A View

Prompt: If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

Twist: Organize your post around the description of a setting.

I had a slight difficulty trying to think of what I would write for this prompt. However, I thought. There is no guidelines! I could travel through space into one place I loved.

My Memories.

A three hour trip that could have been only two and a half hours if my girlfriend and I didn’t go the wrong way on the interstate. However we knew this trip would all be worth it once we arrived. Her mom had managed to get us a small little beach house on the infamous Hampton Beach! We were stoked! My girlfriend has always had this thing for oceans, the waves, and the salty air had been her calling since she’s met it! So I knew this would be amazing for her.

We arrived at near dark in Hampton New Hampshire, and immediately unloaded our bags because we had plans. We needed to go to the ocean beckoning for us to throw ourselves in. Let the waves wash our worries away! The pavement to the beach was littered with trash and in rough shape, but we were too happy to care. Laughing and joking all the way down.

The salty air was definitely enchanting. No matter where we walked it followed us. The crash of the waves began to invade my ears, overwhelming me with happy anxiety. Closer and closer we got the louder it was. Suddenly the pavement turned to steps, which led to sand. I had already ripped my shoes off for the sheer thrill of the sand between my toes. I always found sand to be an annoying luxury. You like it where you want it, hate it where it goes.

I was overwhelmed with the sheer beauty of where I was. The strip was lit up with lights and music! All I could feel is incredible happiness and relaxation in the air. The atmosphere buzzing with excitement and wonder. I stared at the lights for what seemed like forever. Time, I didn’t mind to lose. My girlfriend had already shot herself in the direction of the waves eager to immerse herself in them!

Although I have an affinity with air, I had a powerful connection with water too. I guess I could blame that on my best friend who’s obsessed with the stuff. I smiled as memories flooded my mind and looked back to my girlfriend. Bliss and carefree wonder expelled from her. She swung her arms blissfully through the salty seawater. Screaming in yelling in joy. I’ve never seen someone so happy in my life.

I had quickly followed her into the ocean. I felt it’s power travel through me. It erased everything negative in my life. Even if for only a brief moment. I couldn’t be happier than standing their ankle high in water living in the present. Nothing could bother me in the ocean.

The whole trip we had not one sad moment. Pure bliss!

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