November 7, 2018

NaNoWriMo Updated

Good Afternoon to the readers I might have. If you are paying attention to my “NaNoWriMo Project for 2018”, you are more than likely incredibly confused. So let me updated what’s going on. So first of all I did not intend to do it this year, last minuted my significant other decided to do it this year and I couldn’t let her do it by herself so I decided to just do it. I had a three day mess where life got in the way of uploads and such but that’s semi-resolved now. However, I had no real outline I had a general idea so in order to test the waters on this, I have written a bunch of scenes from the story developing deeper into what I want it to be laid out. When I come back to edit it I will stitch it all together. But so I keep writing every day and stay relatively in goal I have done random scenes to explore my characters and opportunities. I will be revising my outline ASAP in order to bring some organization to the chaos!



Day Six

Kasey Grimhold sat at his desk scratching away with his pen. He had short messy black hair and a chiseled face accented by green eyes. A journal laid flat on the desk and papers and books scattered around his desk. He pushed up his glasses and took a sip of a glass of hot black coffee. He heard a knock on his door and reluctantly got up from his desk. Walking up to the door he pushed it open.

“Hello this is Kasey? How can I help you?” Kasey said looking the stranger up and down.

The stranger was an older slim man, his eyes were a deep brown, his clothes were ripped and torn and he wore a bomber jacket with some sort of embroidery.

“You’re the occult scientist right?” the man said, almost shaking.

“Yes Kasey Grimhold, I study all that is occult and paranormal, who might you be?” Kasey said stroking his chin with curiosity.

“I’m here for power,” the man said shyly, “the name is Logan Rhett.”

“Well I don’t know how I can help with that? It’s awfully late maybe you should come back again later, I can give you a card?” Kasey said annoyed by the intrusion.

The man furnished an old revolver and aimed it at Kasey.

“I think you have some time now?” Logan said threateningly.

Kasey just sighed to himself, he always knew his profession would attract some people that were a little crazy headed but not this soon. He stepped back with his hands up and was forced into a chair.

“If you are seeking real power, you’ve already got the most dangerous weapon known to man in your hands?” Kasey said slyly.

“Yeah, well guns are unpredictable and not the power I am looking for. I only have six bullets. I need the power to kill hundreds,” Logan said as he quickly rifled through the desk.

“I don’t think you will find what you are looking for here in all honesty, my science is largely based on hypothesis.”

“Yeah, that is usually where the secrets lie Dr. Grimhold, religion is not a milestone in our society for no reason.”

“Looking for anything in particular? You’re disorganizing my highly organized mess,” Kasey said in annoyance.

“Demons,” the man said without looking up.

“Ah, the most unknown of the occult, Demons are mythological beings that exist within their universe underlay within ours. It is said, through mythical statements, that demons look for vulnerable hosts to infect. A tragedy must befall them to make their own spirits weak enough for possession. Once possessed the demon will protect its host with an array of powers. First enhanced abilities. Secondly what we call ‘aura control’, and finally their most powerful Transformation,” Kasey stopped and rubbed his temple, he had already said so much. He was so passionate about his profession he didn’t think to hold back so this man wouldn’t try to use it.

“That is helpful indeed!” Logan shouted with happiness as he walked over and quickly bashed Kasey in the head until he was unconscious.

Logan walked out of the building with a sadistic smile on his face and made his way to his parents’ house. Knocking on the door his parents greeted him with open arms. Hugging him and holding him. Not a care in the world for why he might be there.

“How’s life mom and dad?” Logan asked.

“Oh you know just trying our hardest to get by every day.


Logan walked into the bedroom of his parents and quickly grabbed the father by the hair. Dragging him to the bathroom. Logan quickly stabbed him in the throat a dozen times as blood fell to the floor.

“Hey dad remember that time I got a C on my exam and you took me to the closet to kick my ass. I remember. This is why I’m stabbing you right now,” Logan said his eyes wide with bloodlust.

Blood pooled on the floor and his father lay dead on the floor with his eyes closed. Logan walked to the bedroom for his mother. He decided it would be best to do it peacefully. Crawling on top of her he wrapped his hands around her throat. She chocked and gasped as she slept until Logan could feel her body go limp.

“That school I wanted to be in so badly, it was only a signature that is all I needed but no. You wouldn’t sign in. That’s why I am killing you. But since you haven’t laid a hand on me, I decided it would be best to just simply kill you peacefully. Goodnight forever mom,” Logan said as he walked out of the bedroom.

He sat on the couch looking around anxiously for the treasure he worked so hard to claim. Suddenly the door blew open. A glimmering figure was there. A black mist of horns and claws. It walked up to Logan and picked him up by his throat.

“This vessel is what calls to me?” The beast screeched.

“Hello, demon. I am here to claim the power that is rightfully mine. GIVE IT TO ME!” Logan yelled wrestling the creature to the ground. They rolled around grunting as Logan attempted to overpower something beyond his control. It had won. Lifted him up and bashed him into the walls. It ripped his body open and crawled inside. Suddenly crumpling to the ground Logan woke up.

“Hello foolish mortal vessel, my name is Buey, and you are MIND NOW!” It growled inside.

Logan felt the power coursing through his body. He saw his wounds instantly heal. He laughed manically as he made his way out the door. The evening air was nipping at him. The mists caressed the body that felt like an illusion to him. He continued down the road as he approached a house. He quickly kicked the door in and looked at the screaming couple in front of him.

“Hello Davis, hello Cara,” Logan smirked.

“Logan it’s been so long, what are you doing in my house?” The man said instantly furnishing a weapon.

“Oh that won’t work on me anymore,” Logan laughed.

Suddenly light built up around his body and virtual horns grew from his head. He walked up to the man and quickly ripped his body to pieces. Shots were fired but only absorbed by the light that shimmered around Logan. The girl anxiously tried to crawl away but couldn’t get away as he pulled her leg towards his demonic presence. He picked her up by her neck and the aura around him faded as his face came inches from her.

“I loved you Cara, more than anyone could, and you sleep with the guy who made my high school life a miserable existence? That is terrible of you but I will take one thing from you before you die. A kiss,” Logan laughed as he brought her face close to his and kissed her gasping frame. Suddenly limp in his arms he laid her down peacefully on the couch.

Logan stepped out of the house and looked up at the moon, feeling it’s white light wash over him. He howled to the moon in bloodlust as he made his way to the undesirable part of town. Walking through the old moldy bricks and crumpled fire escapes a bunch of younger kids were smoking some drugs and hanging out by a barrel fire.

“Evening gents,” Logan said tipping an imaginary hat.

“Who da fuck is dis?” One boy said instantly pulling out a gun.

“No dear mate,” another said pulling out another gun.

“This is Teflon territory, get the fuck out,” another one said turning around to face their intruder fists raised.

“Oh goody, toys!” Logan screeched.

The boys shot at him but they did nothing to his body. He continued forward. Bashing the two men together in violent succession until pieces of their skull and brains were running down their bodies. The third boy had taken a step back preparing to flee.

“I wouldn’t” Logan said as the horns reappeared.

“What do you want,” the boy said tears running down his cheek.

“I’m looking for your boss. Please I wish to make a business deal with him,” Logan smirked as he approached the frightened child.

“Yes please just don’t hurt me,” the boy cried out.

“Then, lead the way!”


Day Five

The room was quiet and damp as Radon sat meditating on the floor. The damp evening air danced around him as he slowly descended into unconsciousness.

“Hello foolish mortal vessel,” a deep voice rumbled within.

“Greetings Verthral, how are you faring this evening? How is your power?” Radon asked with a sly smirk.

“I will never be as powerful as I want to be, we must drink more hearts to sap them of their power,” Verthral growled.

“Perhaps soon we will find more people to take their power from,” Radon laughed menacingly.

A clank rang out behind him, drawing him quickly from his comatose state. Without turning around using his demonic powers he could see the red haze of his surroundings. An old man limped carefully towards him leaning gently on his walking stick. His face was wrinkled and covered with locks of white hair. His eyes were sunken, piercing at Radon. He wore a pair of slacks and a polo shirt. He stood behind Radon and smirked, something sinister about his presence.

“Who might you be, and why are you here?” Radon said, turned around staring down the old man.

“My apologies sir, my name is Runne Baker. I am a magician of sorts just trying to gather a little coin for the long trek home, do you have time to see some mystifying techniques?” The old man said jolly and as though he was not at all threatened by the very force that blanketed the room.

“That’s odd, approaching a man for money?” Radon said as he shuffled himself forward.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures,” the man nodded pulling out a coin, “now lets see this disappear!”

He flicked the coin through his trembling hands and suddenly it vanished in thin air. Radon scoffed and pulled out a rounded piece of Palladium and tossed it in his direction.

“How kind of you young man,” the man smiled.

Radon motioned him away but he remained unmoving.

“Aren’t you going to ask how I did it?” The old man said pulling at his beard.

“Most magicians won’t show me their tricks and I need to rest a bit longer,” Radon said. He was surprisingly calm in a situation that might make him annoyed. He didn’t feel the tug of his demon’s rage, the voices inside his head had stopped whispering. It felt odd. He wasn’t sure if it was the meditation or the silly old man that was lifting his spirits. A piercing pain through his chest reminded him that something was very wrong.

“You didn’t even ask me where the coin went?” The old man said, suddenly much less innocent holding a blade in Radon’s chest, “Cadmium, a weird sort of metal, highly toxic in small doses. Deadly in high.”

“What is happening?” Radon said throughly shook.

“You are what all my followers are afraid of? I foolishly tricked you with magic? How can you be that threatening? What is your body count of Paladins now? Hundreds? Thousands?” The man said pushing the sword deeper.

The wounds was not healing, light was flicking off the mans cane (suddenly turned into a sword) but his body wasn’t even attempting to heal.

“What did you do to me?” Radon cried, for the first time in his life (since possession) he felt fear.

“Neither do you listen, as our words are always far more valuable then our presence? Cadmium my boy, it’s poisonous to your kind. You won’t be able to access your sinful powers now,” the man laughed pushing the sword deeper.

“Well guess I better sort this out then,” Radon said clenching his jaw painfully.

You think a silly metal can handle me?” Verthral laughed.

Suddenly the light was suddenly being pushed away as his body began to heal. Light encompassed his composure as he quickly held out a palm and blasted the old man away. Light quickly sealed the wound and returned the blood to it’s rightful owner.

That shit sucks, this is the best I can do. But I will not be killed by this old coot. Do not fail me vessel” Verthal growled.

“I can deal with this,” Radon said looking at the claws forming around his hands. He suddenly launched, almost teleported to the man. Claws inside his chest lifting him from the ground and slamming him against the wall.

“Who sent you?” Radon screamed, the aura around him shifting and swirling angrily.

“Well dear boy,” the man coughed, blood oozing from his mouth, “I lead them.”

Suddenly the room was bright and Radon was filled with pain. His aura struggled to protect its host from the burning light around them. The man was suddenly swirling with a tornado of light and a ginormous sword was in his hands. His white beard had disappeared and a younger man stood where he once stood.

“Foolish demonic creatures, tonight you will be slain by the God of Light!” Runne screamed. He had flashed away for a moment and Radon stood his ground in fear wondering which direction the man would strike from. He felt the prescience to his left and quickly siphoned the aura to his arm blocking the sword with great difficulty.

“Verthral what do I do?” Radon cried subconsciously.

“DO NOT DIE!” Verthral screamed mentally.

Radon quickly kicked out at the man, smashing him into the metal walls of the warehouse.

“You sure don’t like to die easily, even with the suffocating of the metal in your body, you can still maintain your second stage. I will not allow this, you must perish!” The man said struggling to stand up.

Radon rushed him clawing at him furiously, the aura of his demon echoing behind him following suit with the attacks. The man sat in a bloody mess gasping for life.

“Purge the metal from my body, I’ll handle him with stage one,” Radon instructed his partner.

Radon held his bloody face up and punched it several times. Begging for him to become unconscious before the strength slipped from his body. The man laid pretty much unconscious as Radon began to walk away. His strength sapped from him. The man pulled a vial from his staff and quickly downed a vial of glowing light. His wounds were healed instantly and he stood up looking at Radon with bloodlust.

“The souls willingly given to me by my followers will aid in my destruction of you!” Runne laughed.

“Souls, what?” Radon cried out as he was struck into the wall. Blood oozed from his body in desperate amounts he coughed blood and fell unconsciously to the ground.

“Time to die,” Runne said approaching him his sword held high ready to slice into the man as the final blow.

“Yeah no,” Verthral said as he sucked the two into the demon dimension.

“WHERE DID HE GO!” Runne cried angrily looking around suspiciously.

The world was dark, a glowing light walked towards them. But quickly darted around searching for him.

“They won’t find us here, I just hope they leave soon, I can’t hold us here for long with you dying and shit,” Verthral snarled.

“I’m sorry, he was too strong,” Radon coughed feeling like the world was slipping away from him.

“No you need to stay alive longer, your body has been perfect all this time. We can’t give up now, hold tight. Just a little longer!” Verthral, for the first time in it’s life, begged it’s vessel.

Runne blasted through the ceiling landing on the roof looking around desperately for his fleeing pray. He quickly leapt off the building to the north, wondering if he had fled to the forest to heal.

“Fucking Demons,” Runne cried as he crumpled to the ground his age returning. An old man stood up and limped towards the woods, “I only have two more vials left.”

The world faded back into view as Radon sat against the wall panting trying to stay alive.

“We have a lot of healing to do,” they both said as sleep claimed them, “I hope they don’t come back.”

Kasey sat in his study eagerly eying over his journal. The door was kicked in and an old man stood there. Walking gingerly inside with his cane.

“Kasey Grimhold I presume?” Runne said angrily, “I am looking for a demon.”


Day Four

The room was suddenly filled with white robed figures. Each one holding a sword at the boy frightened in the middle, his eyes darting around desperately seeking some sort of escape from the hell he had been tossed into. He could find no hole in their defenses.

“Well, a disgusting creature of the night lays before our feet. Hurriedly looking for some sort of escape? I will tell you now, there is no escaping us. We are Paladins, wielders of the light shined upon us by our lord and saviors. We will use the power he has vested us to slaughter you where you sit. Your black blood will overflow onto the tile. Your wretched existence extinguished. Cleansed by our forgiving light,” One chanted raising their sword high.

The teenager on the ground trembled with fear and suddenly felt the pinching of anger as power whelmed up inside him.

We will not be perishing here this evening,” a voice rang out inside his head.

Power exploded from the boy sending the people surrounding them flying into nearby walls. A growl shook the building as the boy suddenly had claws where his fingers should be and attempted to slaughter one of the men in white. Blood oozed from their wound, but light flickered around the wound and the blood was siphoned back inside, the skin completely healed.

“So youthful, yet inexperienced, your little claws can’t harm us foul creature,” the one that was attacked laughed as he pushed the sword into the unsuspecting teenager, gasping.

The sword began to glow white, repealing the healing the teenagers body was attempting to perform. Blood trickled out as much of it gathered around their sword. Blood shot from his mouth as the blanket around the sword fell to the ground. Red washed beneath them as the claws began to evaporate, a fog where they once were.

“Why though?” The boy cried as he crumbled to the ground.

“The thing inside you is evil boy, it will twist your thoughts, entice your suffering, make you do things you normally wouldn’t do. They infect your very humanity, feasting on your luscious soul. We cannot allow that,” he said drawing the blade from the crumpled man on the ground.

The body begged for blood light reached out trying to siphon anything it could, fighting for its life. The man kicked him into a dusty corner. There would be no blood there for a while. They each sheathed their swords and began to leave. The boy dying on the ground gasping for help.

The celling crashed above them. A man stood in the middle of the room gazing at the group of paladins that had thinned their mission a success so they let some of their men go. The man looked sadly at the ground covered in blood.

“You did this?” He said not once looking up.

“Of course, these damned creatures must be slain, and who might you be?” The paladin said walking in front of the man staring at him menacingly.

“Tragic,” the man from the celling said as a hole had suddenly appeared in the paladins chest.

The mans arm had been surrounded in thick hide, sharp terrifying claws on the other side. The light begged to repair the man but it was evaporating on contact. The paladin cried out as he quickly closed his eyes.

Another paladin stood in complete shock and awe at his mangled associate. Trying quickly to summon his weapon before the man who had done this came after him. He soon realized that he had been killed moments before. Claw marks on his chest oozed with blood as he crumpled to his knees. When? How? He felt nothing but death encompass him now.

The third paladin did not attempt to fight but instead decided to run. A creature had blocked his path. Shifting light played in the hallway. Angry red eyes glowing in the darkness. The paladin shuddered for a moment as he fell to his knees to prey. His heart laid on the ground before him as the man who had came from the sky had punched his heart from his chest.

The man stood surrounded by bodies as he carefully began to emit some sort of vapor as his skin returned to normal, the bloodlust in his eyes ceasing. He walked up to the boy who was gasping for life.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t here in time, I would have saved you if I could,” he said as he carefully peeled the heart from the boys massacred body and drank (from) it.


Day Three

“How do you feel?” The voice inside asked him.

“Much better now, but I still feel like there are more scores I could settle,” Ethan laughed.

“Oh who else has done you wrong?” The voice urged him on.

“Well my tips have been going missing,” Ethan said, “I think I have an idea why?”

Ethan continued through the sidewalk looking for the gentleman’s club. He felt everything so strongly. The cool air. The smells of food in the air. Beer. The laughter of far away people on their way home for the morning. The sign “The Virgins Flask” showed up soon enough. A terrible smile crept across his face as he walked inside.

Bright lights flashed, dots and swirls of light covered the floor, loud music thumping around him, and the smell of sweat, sex, and alcohol filled the room. Ethan smiled, he had not decided to ever go to a “gentleman’s club” before but always was intrigued by it.

Walking up to the bar to order a Rum and Coke Ethan surveyed the area. There were cages with women in thin skimpy clothing. Bills folded and sticking out. Poles stuck out of booths where women flexed inhumanely around. Men sat in their dirty work clothes laughing and drinking. There were a few booths with more admirable women and men in their suits. Ethan looked to the back hall in search of the bathroom. He saw the VIP sign. A decorated beat curtain hung blocking the area from unpairing visitors. It was also guarded by a large man with his arms crossed.

Ethan continued in search of his boss but another feeling was whelming up inside him. The naughtily dressed women were beginning to catch his interest. Well she cheated. Why shouldn’t he? Wondering around he began to eye each woman looking for a particular type of woman. Suddenly his heart thumped and he found something else.

There swinging around a pole was a thin girl with long auburn hair. She was dressed classily in a black panty and bra set. Her waistband oozing with bills. She looked over to him with the sexiest look she could muster. Until her face went dead cold.

“Hello, Natasha, long time no see?” Ethan smirked wirily.

“Oh Ethan, it’s been awhile? How have you been?” She choked.

“Life you know, it sucks, doesn’t seem to get much better, may I take a seat?” Ethan asked.

Three guys looked at him with intense rage and jealousy since her attention had suddenly shifted to him.

“Back off short shit,” one of them said standing up.

Ethan quickly punched the man, a crack filled the musical air and the man crumpled to the ground. The other two put their hands up and began to walk away. Ethan stuffed the mans unconscious body beneath the neighboring table. Pulling out the money from his cashed paycheck he sat it down on the table.

“Don’t worry baby, I’m a paying customer!” Ethan smirked.

She looked thrown back by his behavior but college doesn’t pay itself. She began to gyrate her hips and run her hands up and down the pole. She pulled her undies down a little bit showing him a little extra skin. She fell to her knees and put her breasts near his face. Ethan felt the arousal in the air. A tension began to build between them.

“Has it been as hard for you as it has for me?” He asked quietly.

“Life?” She said running her hands down his cheek.

“Remember High School? Not a care in the world, just kind of going with the flow. Letting it all just happen. Nothing mattered then but a boy and a girl and a secret trip to a cornfield.” Ethan smiled, suddenly reminiscent of old memories.

“Remember when we snuck off because my parents weren’t going to be home? Then we got there in the light was on, the look on your face was priceless,” she laughed suddenly sitting on the edge of the table facing him, just being casual.

“Prom. That was my favorite, we were just like fuck the prom party,” Ethan began to laugh, “we spent that afternoon by the lake. After the party we spent it under the stars.”

Natasha laughed cutely as she covered her face from embarrassment. Her hazel eyes were sparkling the light show around them. Her small lips curled in a flirty smile. She had began to play with her hair before she realized where she was.

“Oh I’ve got to get back to work, Jerry catches me slacking off it is not going to be good,” Natasha said suddenly standing up to grab the pole.

“Oh don’t worry, I’m looking for VIP services,” Ethan said his smile slightly twisted.

Natasha looked at him, taken aback by his request. She could feel the tension too though so she leapt off the table and grabbed his hand. Working through the crowd to the back rooms. The guard just smiled at her and let her through putting his arm to stop Ethan.

“There are rules. You break them. I break you,” the man said with a snarl.

“Don’t worry sir, I am not going to be breaking any rules, here,” Ethan said a sly smirk.

Leading him to one of the rooms in the back. She chose one with a nine on it. Opening the door inside was a chair and a bunch of toys on the wall. She quickly pushed Ethan to the chair and put her heel on his groin. Ethan looked at her with complete shock.

“So, thought I cheated on you didn’t you?” She said grinding her heel into him, he squirmed uncomfortably and looked at her deeply.

“Well that’s what I was told?” Ethan said clenching his teeth.

“Do you just believe all rumors?” She said releasing the pressure.

“Well I had my suspicions for awhile,” Ethan said relived.

“Well I wish you had decided, hell maybe I should talk to her? Maybe I have a misunderstanding, perhaps something else has happened?” She said as she began to peel off her top.

“That makes sense, back then I just felt like everything sucked. Nothing mattered, why bother?”

“Why bother going after a connection? With someone you claimed to love?” She said as she sat on his lap. Her nipples inches from his face. His arousal screaming to the air. He suddenly pulled her into himself and indulged himself on her excitement.

“Maybe I should have tried harder? Shouldn’t have let it all go?” Ethan moaned.

“Perhaps you could have just decided on a second try,” she whispered holding his head tight to her. Memories flooding her.

Ethan quickly released her breasts and pulled her head towards him. Kissing her deeply as lust blanketed the room. She moaned as she rubbed herself against him. He pulled himself out of his jeans, a quick reminder of how inexperienced he had been in high school. In moments he had slipped her panties to the side and entered her. Far more skilled now. Her hands were clenched behind him. Nails biting into his flesh as she bit her lip.

They thrust into one another in synchrony as the arousal built. Ethan could feel the pangs of anger, lust, and his intruder panting at him. He started going harder, faster. She bit into his shirt to muffle her screams of passion as he hammered into her.

Suddenly pulling her hair back as he got more into it. This was too much for her and she shook on his lap. Pulling herself into him as she came. Her panting and sweat filled the room. He didn’t stop though. She was sensitive but she held him as close as she could as he did. It wasn’t long before he followed suit. Pulling her tight to him as he came inside her. He leaned back in the chair and brushed the sweat from his brow. They both looked at each other and laughed.

“You’ve gotten a bit better haven’t you?” She said still laying against him, spent.

“I’d have to say the same to you, that was pretty incredible,” Ethan sighed. The world was quite to him, as if some sort of relief washed over him.

I’m still here you know?” the voice inside his head said quietly, “If you are done with this tramp we have work to do!

Ethan jerked up. Pulling Natasha off him and pulling her close to him. He kissed her again, pulling her body as tight to his as possible. Was he falling for her? Was this just a passionate fling? He told himself he would worry about it later. The anger inside him edging him for more closure.

“You are amazing, and this was great, but I’m actually here looking for someone!” Ethan said, his smile again grew sinister.

“Who are you looking for?” Natasha asked, her face red with arousal from their session.

“His name is David, he is an older out of shape man with thinning hair,” Ethan said describing him best as he could.

“Oh he is here every weekend, flashing around money like he owns the place, not sure where he gets it,” Natasha said putting on new lace.

“Excellent, who is his favorite?” Ethan asked, not able to help himself from ogling her perfect frame.

“Kassandra, just ask Garret the bartender, he will point you in the right direction,” she smiled as she fixed her hair.

Ethan and Natasha stepped out of the room and walked out of the VIP section. She made her way to her table and he to the bar, they couldn’t help but glance over at one another. The bartender was putting on a show, mixing drinks and tossing them down the bar to their patrons. They each grabbed them and drank deeply. Ethan walked up to the bartender and requested for Kassandra. He pointed in the direction of a table where a girl, somehow looking younger than Natasha, who was flipping and twirling around the pole as if her life depended on it. Six guys sat around her, each with wads of bills. Egging her on as she teased each and every one of them. A bald head stood out from the rest of the messy mops. Ethan smiled as he felt adrenaline burning inside him.

Yes, the man who has been taking your money… What should we do about him! ” the voice inside snarled with bloodlust.


Day Two

Ethan had enough with the evenings events and decided it was best to go home before he hurt anyone else. The sun was beginning to shine and he would need to go to work tomorrow. Wandering through the park again as pangs of hate filled his veins. He clenched his fists and shouted to the sky.

Suddenly he was thrown backwards. His body violently crashed into a tree cracking it in half.

“You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons too; you cannot have a part in both the Lord’s table and the table of demons,” a voice bellowed.

Ethan looked up with a shocked expression. Looking at the man who had struck him. He had spiked blonde hair and wore a long-coat etched with a Holy Grail. His hands glowed a brilliant white as he began to walk towards Ethan.

No they found us this is not possible!”the demon cried inside him.

“What is happening?” Ethan begged his intruder.

They are going to try and kill you, use my power and don’t let them!” the demon cried, almost desperately.

“His hands, they’re glowing?” Ethan said as he pulled up his body. He felt the twang of pain though his entire frame. It was a struggled to even stand up, how did they hurt him so much.

“I am Michael, the fist of fortitude. I will use violence only in this instance to beat the evil from your body,” Michael cried as he went in for another strike.

“Yeah no,” Ethan said catching his fist.

He was pushed back by the force the grass being ripped beneath his feet. He quickly leapt into the air and kicked his attacker. Michael crumpled to the ground and looked at Ethan with a gaze of disbelief. He frowned and stood up again. Dusting himself off.

“You seem to be able to hold your own?” Michael said with a great frown, “how long have you been tainted by evil?”

“A couple hours now,” Ethan smirked.

Michael took a step back his mouth gaping open. He suddenly clasped his fists together with a loud slapping noise and light built up around him. The wind howled around them as suddenly he began to glow.

“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble,” Michael exclaimed. Suddenly his fists were covered in gauntlets glowing more vibrant than before. He began to levitate in the air and floated towards Ethan.

Run” the demon screamed in absolute fear.

Ethan turned around and beelined from the park. He felt the fear of the thing inside him fueling his instinct to flee. Suddenly before him Michael appeared. He lashed out at Ethan. Flying backwards the pain echoed through his body. He felt the tug of his soul being extinguished. He cried out as he crashed into the bench where his lover betrayed him. Unconsciousness begged for compliance.

This is where I die? Foolish mortal couldn’t handle this overwhelming power. If only we were together longer.” the creature cried out in his mind.

“Before we die guess I should ask? What is your name?” Ethan gasped, feeling blood ooze from his lips.

Sarnath” it exclaimed.

Ethan could feel the shuddering of fear. How it must be to be in a situation where you know you’re going to die. The feeling that pangs a heart attack victim. The numbness of a stroke. His heart broken and his spirits crushed. Probably for the better, he thought. Life was pointless anyhow.

“I will scatter you among the nations and I will disperse you through the lands, and I will consume your uncleanness from you.” Michael preyed as he aimed the palm of his gauntlets at the broken teenager.

A blur caught in Ethan’s eyes and the man was blasted away. Crashing through multiple trees as he screamed in agony. Standing before him was another man. His body spiked, and horns on his head. His eyes had became a red haze. Claws had replaced his fingers. He leapt forward and grabbed the assailant crashing him into the earth multiple times as the light began to evaporate from the mans body. He lifted the glowing man to his eye level. The man looked dazed and beaten. No longer protected by light. Looking at the attacker, Michael frowned again. Tears welling up.

“You are all monsters,” he wept.

The mysterious creature bashed his face multiple times, blood flying from the abuse. Dropping the battered man to the ground. Turning around to Ethan.

“You fucking idiot,” the creature snarled.

“What the fuck did I do?” Ethan said weakly with defiance.

“You are a brand new demon, you shouldn’t even be attempting to fight a paladin, if it wasn’t for me you would be dead. Disgusting the lot of you,” the man snarled.

“He attacked me,” Ethan tried to defend himself.

“Of course he did, walking around in an open park, you have to be the biggest idiot I’ve ever met. You shouldn’t be out. You need to go home. Stay home. Cope with your pathetic life and move on. If I see you again, I’ll be the one kicking your ass,” the creature said threateningly.

With a blur the man was gone. The crushed body of his attacker unconscious on the ground. Ethan stood up shaking. He felt more afraid than he ever had his entire life.

We got lucky kid,” Sarnath whispered in embarrassment.

“I have no fucking clue what is going on, but I’m following his advice and going the fuck home before someone else tries to kill me,” Ethan choked.

He quickly ran through the forest counting the steps until he was safely back to his apartment. He walked inside and quickly slammed the door haphazardly onto its frame and crawled into bed.

Nothing could save him from the tears this time.


Day One

She laid on the bed, her slender frame a silhouette of red lace. Her blue eyes sparkled with the reflecting flame of the lit candles, her long black hair gracing her shoulders. He gingerly reached for her chin as he lifted her head up to meet his lips. Staring back at her a goddess that he had wooed. He looked at his phone that was buzzing restlessly on the nightstand. Quickly he picked it up, and flipped it open.

“Sorry to call you so late Ethan, but Ricky called out and we are extremely short staffed, could you come in for a couple hours?” the voice asked desperately.

“Of course, be there in fifteen,” Ethan said with an angry snap of his phone.

“Again?” she whimpered curled up on the bed gazing at him in lust.

“I know it sucks. But didn’t you have plans with your mom tonight?” he smiled slyly at her.

“I almost forgot!” she cried out as she quickly rushed to the shower to clean herself up.

“Sorry baby,” Ethan said as he shuffled on his ripped jeans and pulled over his work shirt. Leaping down the hall with his socks and slipping on a pair of shoes. He grabbed his light jacket, hat and quickly bounced out.

The metal stairs came quickly as he rushed down the fire escape. Landing with his feet planted on the wet pavement below. He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a cigarette. Putting it to his lips and filling the damp air with a flicker of light. In his other pocket he pulled a flask, took a quick swig and snuck it back in. He groaned as the rain drizzled down his face. The sun was going down now and night would be upon them.

The buildings were made of old brick and metal stairwells. This was St. Hohenheim, a ragged, run-down, city known for its historical value. The old shops had closed up for the evening but the little pubs were lit with the laughter of drunks. Ethan ignored his pinching desire for a hard drink and continued forward. Looking up at the signs he saw the one he was searching for “Ladrillo de Lume Pizza” known in English as “Fire Brick Pizza”, Ethan never knew why they chose such an old dead language but he frowned and walked inside anyway.

The kitchen was abuzz with yelling and screaming. “Do this do that, we don’t have time for this!” echoed his mind as he wondered over to the time clock, punched his card, and slipped on an apron.

“Ethan, thank god you’re here!” a scrawny, tall, man with a black hat said as he hurriedly tossed pizza dough into the air.

The ticket rail was filled with white tickets, numbers were suddenly being screamed. Him and another person was quickly topping the dough and chucking them in ovens. Ethan just signed and walked over to the dough.

“We’re going to do the assembly line,” Ethan ordered them.

The scrawny boy ran to the meat side of toppings, and she went to the veggie bench. She had long red hair neatly combined into a ponytail under a hat. Ethan quickly stretched and tossed a half a dozen dough as the rail began to get smaller and smaller. Finally they had been caught up and Ethan was told to “take five”.

Walking outside he lit up another cigarette as a man followed behind him.

“Good evening Ethan, the man said with a smirk, “thank you much for coming in as you could see we were pretty screwed back there.”

“No problem! Glad to help,” Ethan said without looking up with a twinge of sarcasm.

“I heard you had some complaints about your tips coming up short? I just wanted to let you know that I’m looking into that for you!” the man said putting his hand on the boys shoulder and walking back inside.

Ethan rushed back inside and finished the day’s work. Tossing his apron in their hamper he quickly clocked out and began his trek back home. The drizzle had stepped it up a few notches and it rained much more angrily. He lit up again and walked towards a pub.

“She’s probably sleeping, I don’t want to wake her,” he said as he sat at the table and requested a rum and coke.


The park was oddly quite on this evening and Ethan had wondered, a little bit drunk from his binge at the pub. He didn’t know why he was quite this sad but he just continued forward. His eyes saw a dark figure moving around in the eerie mist that had crept into the air. A beautiful woman wearing a dark black dress holding the hand of someone. Ethan felt a pang of guilt for he could be cuddling his girlfriend right now but she would be at her mothers.

Ethan continued hoping to catch a better glimpse of her. Her figure had him intrigued. He saw them begin to get a little hands on a park bench and Ethan begin to feel like a massive creep. Her long black hair was in waves behind her and she was holding the man close to herself. He began to grope her beneath her dress and almost instantly he was inside her. Moving in synchrony they moaned together in lust. Ethan just stared in awe, the mists, the alcohol, the nicotine twisting inside himself.

The light above the park bench had some sort of short as it turned on suddenly. Ethan leapt aside to avoid their notice. Peeking through the bushes as he looked at her, her head was bobbing about, looking for anyone that might have caught them.

                Ethan suddenly felt a sharp pain in his chest as he realized who he was watching.

                The man had decided it was best not to be so public and had quickly pulled her off him cursing he lamp above them. She fixed her dress and sat next to him. Holding his hand, a shocked expression on her face. She looked like she was pained. Ethan couldn’t fathom what he had seen so he quietly escaped the situation.

                “Fuck,” he cried in satisfaction, “you are a hell of a good lay.”

                “What the hell did I do?” she said holding her face in her hands.

                “What’s wrong?” the man asked almost angrily.

                “I’ve been dating this guy for over a year now and I just cheated on him!” she said, tears gathering beneath her eyes.

                “That isn’t my problem,” the man said as he got up and began to walk away.

                “You’re just going to go?” she said angrily.

                “I got what I wanted, I hope you have a good night,” he smirked as he waved.

                She sat on the bench crying heavily into her arms.

                Ethan was walking through the cold mist but he was completely numb inside. His heart felt as if it had been completely shattered. He continued as the rain began to pour. His body getting soaked from its onslaught. The metal stairs came to meet him and he dragged his numb body up the stairs. Opening the apartment door and chucking himself into bed. He held back the tears though, as the alcohol worked its magic.

                The night had fallen hard. Darkness filled every crevasse. A small light glistened outside the bedroom window. A faint scratching could be heard as if a cat wanted to be inside. Ethan laid motionless in bed, his chest rising and falling with every breath. A comatose state. The light pushed itself through the glass. A faint growl could be heard.

                “Hello little human, you look like you’ve had quite a rough night,” the light echoed. Suddenly a shimmering fox could be seen in the moonlight.

                It crawled onto the bed and looked over the person with intrigue.

                “This is finally it, I will finally get to be someone, and he’s so hurt. His pain literally radiates from this building, I wonder what happened? Well I’ve got some good news for you buddy, WE are going to take care of it,” the little creature said as it crawled inside his body.

                Ethan leapt from his bed in a panic. His head was aching echoing the same words “slut, slut, slut, whore, whore, whore!” he looked around for a glass of water, thinking he drank a little too much. With no water in sight he crumpled to the ground holding his head in agony.

                “Hello human vessel, tonight we will seek revenge on those that have hurt you!” the voice echoed loudly in his head. The piercing headache filled him with rage.

                “What is happening,” Ethan whispered as he felt his body shaking with discomfort.

                “Do you remember the man she slept with? I bet I can find him,” the voice soothed him.

                The images of night played over in his head in glorious detail. Every raindrop could be seen on her black dress, his hands wrapped around her waist, the lifting of her dress in slow motion. His face appeared in the dim light of the park. In great detail. Ethan knew who it was.

                “She said she was done with him, their secrets could no longer kept from me, they were supposed to stop talking!” Ethan said as anger filled inside him.

                He lashed out at his nightstand, shattering it to pieces. The lamp fell to the ground followed by the sound of shattered glass. He looked at his hands in awe.

                “Yes human, you have power now!” the voice screeched.

                Ethan ripped the door off its hinges. Ripping the coat hook off the wall and putting his jacket on. Leaping down the stairs. The concrete cracking beneath his feet. He walked into the pouring rain, the cold no longer bothered him. Desperately struggling a cigarette to his lips as he prowled the sidewalk for the poor man he would massacre today. Approaching a pub he saw a man laughing with a trio of young ladies. His eyes were glistening the soft morning light. He laughed and flirted as he sipped his wine. Disgusting.

                “Well lovely ladies, I must make my way to the bathroom,” he said as he carefully tugged on ones hands, kissing it quickly as he walked to the back. Ethan followed.

                The walls of the Pub were lined with flyers of bands around them, advertisements for things people were selling, and loads of (probably fake) phone numbers. The men’s room was pretty empty when the man went inside. Ethan followed behind him quietly locking the door behind them. The man unzipped his fly and began to pee. Ethan grabbed him by his back and smashed his body into the porcelain urinal. Red blood seeped out of his shirt, midriff.

                “What the hell?” the man said as he looked anxiously at the blood oozing out of his clothing, “Ethan?”

                “Hello Derek,” Ethan smirked, bloodlust in his eyes, “how was my girlfriend’s pussy?”

                All color left the man’s face as he fell to his knees. The blood was pouring a bit faster now as pieces of porcelain stuck out of his skin.

                “Want to know how it happened?” the voice inside tugged, “bring his eyes to yours. Stare at him, I will get the answers.”

                Ethan lifted the hurting man and stared intently into his eyes.

                Suddenly in his mind he was sort of following him? Hovering slightly above him. He was wondering the sidewalk glancing down at a letter. The letter was from her, Ethan’s girlfriend.

                We’ve been through a lot. I know we have. Our history is laced with lust filled evenings and sneaking about. But this time I can’t anymore. We’ve been doing this for so long, I hope you get this before you come over tonight. I will hopefully be at my mom’s this time. We can’t meet anymore.

He walked up the apartment stairs, Ethan saw himself just moments down the sidewalk. He knocked on the door and she appeared with a towel wrapped around her waist. He smiled at her and she showed pangs of guilt. He asked if he could come inside, she agreed. They were talking, everything was muffled as if only the images could be seen. Ethan tried to read lips, with no satisfaction. She was getting dressed and soon they were walking outside. Ethan could tell the tension was high between them, she was laughing, and he was laughing. They were flirting the entire time. Ethan felt anger building inside him. He might kill this man. They were strolling through the park. Just having so much fun. More fun than Ethan and her ever had. He felt a pang of guilt, what happened to them? How long had this been going on?

The evening was falling quickly as they just continued to talk. Ethan wished he could know what he said. Wishing he could hear them because their tones shifted they were holding hands now. This was where Ethan saw them. Suddenly voices filled his head.

“I know we shouldn’t be doing this anymore, but I just am so attracted to you!” she whimpered.

“I know but we shouldn’t stop a good thing, come here, and let me remind you of everything we built together!” Derek said as he lifted her up into his arms and kissed her tenderly.

Their passions shifted almost instantaneously. They were both making their way to the bench now. Running their hands all over each others body. Slurping and kissing. The rustle of clothing in the light rain. Suddenly she had him down and he lifted her dress. Ethan couldn’t anymore.

The world zoomed back into focus as he dropped the man, basically unconscious now.

“I hope you die,” Ethan said coldly as he walked out of the bathroom.